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The Rockwall Trail Part 2: Rockwall Pass and Tumbling Creek

Days three and four. We packed up at Helmet Falls and started up the steep climb to a low shoulder below Limestone Peak. I had taken time at the first day’s lunch stop to rearrange my pack a bit and managed to partly correct the thirty degree list to starboard. 1,263 more words

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The Rockwall Trail Part 3: Floe Lake and Numa Pass

Days five and six. During our Marble Canyon interlude, Ron decided that it would be better for him not to come with us to Floe Lake and Donna stayed to keep him company. 1,568 more words

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The Rockwall Trail Part 1: Paint Pots to Helmet Creek and Goodsir Pass

Days one and two. I did this in July 2016 with Daphne, Helen G, Donna, Ron, Bill N, Jen and Rick. Rosemary and Paul were going to come but she injured her knee a few weeks beforehand hiking on Mont Blanc and had to cancel. 1,439 more words

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jealous side

she had
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crushed… 13 more words

Marble Canyon, Ochre Paint Pots

Our drive today took us from the Banff area to Radium Hot Springs. We followed highway 93, which cuts through the mountains of Kootenay National Park. 241 more words


An Unexpected Journey

It was a bumpy close to 12-hour ride from Vancouver to Nelson on Monday.  Along the way, John and I stopped for food (samosas / peaches) at Sanderson’s in Keremeos and in Oosoyos. 447 more words

Oh, Canada!

We’ve made it to Canada! Home of the loonie, the toonie, and the Tim Horton donut. Since we have made it a practice to narrowly avert disaster at every turn, it’s only fitting that Canada offered us an opportunity to show our worth. 820 more words