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Ẩm thực Hàn Quốc giờ đây được biết đến qua phong cách chế biến, đặc điểm món ăn cầu kỳ, tinh tế, vượt hẳn lên trên những hương vị yêu thích truyền thống như đồ nướng hay kim chi, và được truyền bá rất tốt trong những bộ phim Hàn, thu hút sự quan tâm của các bạn trẻ khá nhiều. 270 more words


fish market in busan

One of my favorite stops during my travels through South Korea was the city of Busan:

In particular, the FISH MARKET!  It’s a mile long stretch of vendors selling produce from the sea.   137 more words

Rayna The Explorer

Korean Food


Hello everybody!
This is what happens when my Korean boyfriend is getting a package from his family in Korea!!!
I’m dying!

I will not be able to eat any other food in the next weeks anymore haha. 6 more words



라떼야 (삼청점) Latteya, Seoul
By searching through my receipt I get to find the name of the little quiet cafe that I visited. The coffee isn’t fantastically nice but the surrounding environment is super relaxing and quiet while looking at the autumn foliage. 22 more words


Spicy rice cake in Korea

Spicy rice cake (tteobokki/떡볶이)

This Korean street food is made from rice cakes with spicy red pepper sauce, sometimes it also served with fish cake (odeng) or . 378 more words


Caffe Bene

It is a challenge to me to eat an ice-cream when I feel cold or at a winter country. Caffe Bene, Myeongdong,Seoul which is located right at the exit 8 of Myeongdong station. 66 more words



유가네(Yoogane): The most popular Chicken Galki in Korea which is originated from Busan. You can find it in Singapore which are located in Bugis Junction and WestGate. 167 more words