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Rosehill 로즈힐

현대백화점 무역센터점 10층 식당가에 있어요.
우리는 한우 샤브샤브 (1인분 ₩34,000) 먹었어요.
2시즘에 갔는데 이미 점심 먹으러 온 사람들은 다 빠져나가서 조용했어요.

Rosehill is located on the 10th floor of Hyundai Department Store (COEX) 92 more words

[Wep's Korea Life] Kimbap and Kimchi Heaven!

Hello, good people of the Earth!

I have been hibernating for almost a year now, and I’m back! My Indonesian friends, can you see me? In Pekalongan, no? 1,827 more words


Magnolia Bakery (Coex)

뉴욕에서 인가 많는 Magnolia Bakery!
코엑스 밖에 있어서 한번 들렸어요

The famous Magnolia Bakery~
We saw it outside of Coex so we stopped by

https://www.magnoliabakery.com/locations/korea-coex-mall/ 69 more words


평양! 북한식 냉면 먹었어요!
We got North Korean style Cold Noodles

갈끔하고 조용했어요
It’s very clean inside. When we went, the restaurant was empty.

음식점 곳곳에 메밀의 효과와 음식점의 역사를 볼 수 있어요 85 more words

🍗 Korean KFC 🍗

한국에도 서양 음식점이 많이 생겼어요.
오늘은 한국 KFC를 보여주고 싶었어요

Korea has seen a boom in Western fast food restaurants. I think you can see McDonalds almost everywhere. 349 more words


🥢 짜장면 짬뽕 집! 🥢
Black Bean Noodles and Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

주변에 맛있다고 하셔서 한번 가봤어요
We visited this place because someone recommended it to us. 66 more words


생긴지 얼마 안 되서 아직 지도에 안나오네요!
백현동있는 쪽이에요

This place doesn’t appear on Google Maps because it’s relatively new.

깨긋하고 밝았어요~
It’s clean and bright! 50 more words