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泡菜 適量
蘿蔔半條 (去皮,切件)
五花腩 (一小條, 清洗及全條塗上鹽後放入雪櫃醃過夜)
韓國直菇一包 (清洗)
蘆筍3條 (這個是廚餘, 可以便用其他蔬菜或減去)
蛋 一隻
鹽 半小匙( 因個人口味作增加減少啦)

1. 18CM 媽咪鍋加入水煲至滾後加入蘿蔔煲以中細火煲半小時。
2. 加入韓國直菇
3. 五花腩取出沖水, 切件或切片放入鍋內, 再加入泡菜及 蘆筍煲至滾起。
4. 滾起後加入雞蛋在中間, 蓋回鍋蓋熄火焗5分鐘, 完成


I could find pork neck bone from the store, so today I would like to introduce pork neck bone stew. In Korea, people like this a lot. 160 more words


The 2nd Dish- Korean Food: Seaweed soup

This simple but delicious soup is highly recommended by me. Since I haven’t beef in hand, so I used tofu instead. The taste is still lovely. 95 more words

World Cuisine Series

The 1st Dish: Korea Food--Sweet potato with almond syrup

I start my cook challenge from Korea Food cause the first time I try pork bone soup is in Toronto which make me love Korea food.  144 more words

World Cuisine Series

서울 Seoul in winter

“Travel makes a wise man better and a fool worse.” Thomas Fuller

Seoul, the thriving heartbeat of South Korea with 10+ million people and 20+ million with the surrounding metropolitan region is bustling at all hours of the day and night with pure energy. 175 more words



The Organic Soft Ice Cream – SoftBee.

It has a very nice and cute name for this shop which happened to pass-by when one of my colleague wanted to buy a pair of shoes. 95 more words


Caffe Pascucci

Caffe Pascucci (카페 파스쿠찌)

On my second day in Seoul, we met up at the lobby and headed down the road for breakfast. We stopped by few cafes before we ended up at this cafe. 270 more words