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Prep work (or, reality is harsh)

Recently, I found a bogart. It was an endlessly rushing river of paperwork that needed reviewing, redoing, and re-submitting. It resisted my repeated roars of “RIDICKULUS!” so I recognized it must be REAL. 368 more words


Back in Korea

After three weeks in Taipei and the longest ever separation from momma, Isa and Eva are back at home in Korea. Isa is standing confidently but not walking on her own yet, just cruisin’ around holding on to whatever’s nearby. 16 more words


Happy First Birthday, Isa

Since we are in Korea, we had to do it Korean style! The girls got in Korean hanbok dresses and we hosted 10 kids and even more adults, plus a dog for Isa’s birthday brunch at our home in Seoul. 140 more words


Bulgogi Time

What’s the point of living in Korea if you can’t indulge in all the bulgogi you want, amirite? 8 more words