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Busing Boseong

Waiting at the bus stop I sometimes feel as if I’m Jim Carey in the Truman Show; standing there waiting, the same people pass at the same moments everyday. 397 more words

South Korea

Seokchon Cherry Blossom Festival

The cherry blossoms in Seoul have come and gone and we’re moving on to warmer weather. While I’m happy to not need a heated blanket anymore, I loathe not getting to wear comfy hoodies and sweatshirts without dying from heat stroke. 336 more words

Under the Fame, the Glamour & the Pop

From music to politics, Korean pop also known as KPOP is greatly integrated into Korean culture; as their music influences millions around the world and has recently been used for means of diplomacy between North and South Korea. 423 more words


Live Stream (4/21/18): Will Trump End Korean War? French Assimilation. Sylvi Writes a Book

Earlier this evening, I live streamed. I talked about the subjects mentioned in the headline here, and of course also about some other things. You can watch the video here: 138 more words

Multi-Coloured Egg Replacements

Sometimes I think that the story of my life is written in strands of instant noodles. Ramen. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t eat them, and I cannot remember the first time I was introduced to them. 1,047 more words


Aku Iri, Temanku Oversea

Aku punya seorang teman atau sahabatlah. Hidupnya sih sempat tak tentu arah juga kalau menurut penglihatanku. Aku jarang ketemu dengan temen satu ini karena dia tinggal diluar kota Jogja. 106 more words



Seingetku aku mulai hobi nonton film itu saat semester semester akhir masa kuliahku. Awalnya karena temen terus jadi keterusan dan juga buat belajar bahasa. 75 more words