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Chapter 3: Culinary Adventures

As any traveler knows, a big part of visiting a foreign land is trying exotic food. Judging by my grandmother’s typewritten notes on her June 1979 Korea trip, she enjoyed practically every aspect of life with her… 831 more words


my poetry collection, A.S.I.A.

My third-year poetry class never read this collection; I submitted it late. There’s nothing worthwhile here. I am not a good poet. But I want this blog to be about me. 31 more words


K.A.R.D. | Rumor

Today on #AddictingKpop | K.A.R.D. – Rumor

This is it. K.A.R.D.’s last single before they officially debut later this year. I can’t believe it’s been a month since  430 more words



America is back and we are standing for our One Nation Under God with religious and civil liberties freedom. We are going to stand up to Lucifer, and chase him away. 199 more words

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Why I'm Becoming a Consultant

It still amazes me how much things have grown from what I thought this site would be.  I’m still less than a year into writing and only thought that people in the United States, the Republic of Korea and maybe Canada would ever read what I wrote.   519 more words

South Korea

The Biggest Museum in the World

I’ve been to a ton of museums both on home and foreign soil but The National Museum of Korea definitely casts a shadow on even the British Museum which is massive in my opinion (but then everything seems massive to me …).  372 more words

Year Abroad