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Does the Korean economy depend upon Chaebols to remain internationally competitive?

Chaebols [재벌] are business conglomerates owned by powerful Korean families which rose out of the debris the wars left in Korea. These family-owned businesses became the so-called chaebols because of the massive support they received from the government, like- cheap debt, protection from international competition, and so on. 374 more words

Japan PM Abe says to discuss North Korea 'thoroughly' with Trump

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday he would discuss North Korea “thoroughly” with U.S. President Donald Trump when he visits next month, and reaffirm the two countries’ commitment to working together in dealing with the country.

K in Kangaland.

A full 2 months after arriving in the southern hemisphere, I finally experienced my first, truly rainy day in Australia. I figured it made for the perfect day to blog, and reintroduce you guys to what will now be known as “K in Kangaland.” (It’s a working title, feel free to share any ideas you may have!) 1,549 more words


Epik High - Shoebox

I’m still keeping this Epik High train rolling. At this point, a little more than six hours remain until their album is released. Luckily, I’ll be sleeping soon, a quick way to pass the hours until I get that first listen. 458 more words


Experiencing Seoul

Seoul was our first foray into Asia. Actually I lie. Shanghai was but that was on layover and I messed up what was supposed to be a quick run through downtown and dinner. 795 more words


Top 10 Songs - INFINITE

With the increasing number of K-pop artists and songs being churned out everyday, it is easy to lose track of what is truly gold in this genre. 642 more words


Viva Polo

You may not know, but I have an old blog where I wrote something on Viva Polo. I had grown fond of finding restaurants and cafes owned by K-pop idols before that I took it upon myself I have to certainly not miss this one! 315 more words