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Dear M---

Dear M—,

I sure will miss working with you, but I’m so excited for this new chapter in your life!

The gift I am giving you is nothing fancy. 427 more words


Korean Barbecue in Dallas

Korean Barbecues have been increasing in number for the past few years. These restaurants offer a buffet style set-up where you go in, the only difference is that the menu consists of mainly meat dishes. 564 more words


25. Waiting...

We slept well last night. It was on the floor and there were a fair amount of insects around, but we’ve just been running on adrenaline so long, I guess it was time to crash. 556 more words

B a d  i d e a s

The start

I can’t explain how long I have wanted to share my thoughts and still I make excuse after excuse. This little notebook is perfect , even if it is a bad idea it has it’s place and I think that’s okay. 21 more words


Spring 2017

I’m resurrecting this blog.

Embarrassingly, two years after I started this, a lot has happened. Not all of it ideal. And those less-than-ideal moments became obstacles in my creative life. 352 more words


Apa sih itu "Kimchi"???

Assalamu’alaikum teman2..

Ada yang tau apa itu “kimchi”???

Saya juga baru tau, ternyata itu adalah makanan dari korea sana.. Ahahahaha..
Akibat istri dagang kimchi, akhirnya harus cari tau apa sih itu kimchi.. 192 more words


How To Get Over Someone Without Getting Under Someone

Dear Reader,

When you’re learning to be alone, you should watch Jerry McGuire and Beauty and The Beast. You should source a steady playlist of empowering songs(Beyonce) intermittent with weep-worthy ballads(Adele). 481 more words