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LANEIGE Moisture Trial Kit

Hello… been using this trial kit for a while, and I’d like to give my thought about it. It comes in a small box like this. 218 more words


One Night Trip from Seoul to Daejeon

What do you imagine with the word “Healing Vacation”? 힐링여행 is a term that is commonly used among young Koreans, and it is used when you travel just to relax. 697 more words



The camping season is upon us, and this weekend I had my first experience of Korean camping. Camping and I have never been close companions, I’ll put up with it at a festival where your days are filled with prodigious musicians and your nights are a blurry, intoxicated wreck. 327 more words

Who is Gamja?

As promised, I’m writing a post about Gamja, the inspiration for this blog’s title, “Gamja House”.

Gamja is the Korean word for “potato”. It also happens to be the name of my sister’s adorable (but sometimes insane) little Pomeranian. 331 more words


Hey now, Hey Now, Don't Dream Concert is over

This post is entirely dedicated to the insane KPOP weekend I just had-a full Dream Concert experience, MYNAME concert, as well as travelling to Gangnam to see “pandas” and then learning that what you eat really does affect you skin, stomach- entire condition. 3,003 more words

TSMC to beat Samsung in 10nm race #cloud #cloudcomputing #samsung #tsmc

TSMC is confident that the company will beat Samsung Electronics in ramping up production on its 10nm lines, according to the Taiwan-based foundry. TSMC continued that in the 10nm FinFET race, Intel will be its major competitor.  44 more words



OH MY GAWD!!!! NO-ONE LOVES JUNG JOON YOUNG AS MUCH AS I DO!!!! I swear I breathe this guy! (ha-ha) I’m kidding. But who doesn’t love him though? 272 more words