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I Couldn't Protect Her

Quote : “If you know nothing, don’t say anything”

When Shin Yul ask why Wang Wuk did not marry Dan Young so he can protect her, she shock when she heard the answer. 10 more words

Im Ju Hwan

Shine or Go Crazy Ep12 - Im Ju Hwan Cut

“I will slay the virtuous men in black and their leader”

“Do you know their leader?”

“Isn’t it So hyeongnim?”

Wang Wuk starts to show his hidden personality! 39 more words

Im Ju Hwan

Im Ju Hwan - My MIB - Man In Black!

Let’s just escape from the routine, I mean posting about your latest project. Today, my mind and temper are loaded enough because of a ‘smart’ comment about you, personally not as character. 52 more words

Im Joo Hwan

Shine or Go Crazy Ep11 - Im Ju Hwan Cut

Poor Wuk-i.., how can I handle myself to watch him destroys himself, all for his one-sided love to Shin Yul :(

Im Joo Hwan

Your Favorite Pairing - My Second Poll

At all in Im Ju Hwan drama, what’s your most favorite pairing. Regardless he’s being lead or non lead male actor in those drama. My favorite is Jang Jae Hun and Park Tae Yi. 11 more words

Im Joo Hwan

Shine or Go Crazy Online Fanmeeting Video - Im Ju Hwan Cut

Video credit/owner JustJangHyuk at youtube. Don’t ask what they said, I have no idea! :D

Im Joo Hwan