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D.O. EXO dan Jo Jung Suk Dikonfirmasi Akan Perankan Kakak-Adik di Film “Hyung”

Telah dikonfirmasi bahwa D.O. EXO akan bertemu dengan aktor Jo Jung Suk dalam film layar lebar terbaru mereka.

Dalam film “Hyung” (judul berbahasa Inggris belum pasti), D.O. 313 more words

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Excerpt ReBlog - [Spoilers] Oh My Ghostess

tv Report – Naver: ‘Oh My Ghostess’ Im Joo Hwan gives a clue, stop his evil deeds

1. [+1,736, -18] Im Joo Hwan is so scary ㅜㅜ I was so nervous of her when she was about to get caught… 124 more words


My Gorgeous, Sweet, Mysterious Seong Jae - Screencaps Oh My Ghost Ep14

Here I am. Fangirling over Im Ju Hwan. When he took sweet role, when he took mean role, I am still here, fangirling over him. This post it’s just that. 23 more words


Oh My Ghostess Ep 14 - Im Ju Hwan Cut

Just look at the picture above. Im Ju Hwan seems like being possessed by Jack Nicholson (while playing Joker, if I recall). The way he laugh crazily… Sigh, Ju Hwan ssi.., no wonder Korean netizen said they rediscover you… Naver news ranking search prove it. 148 more words


ReBlog - Netizen Buzz - TV: [Spoilers!!!] - Oh My Ghost

Article: ‘Oh My Ghost’ Kim Seul Gi face to face with Im Joo Hwan… remembers the reason of death

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+9,878, -91] I totally got goosebumps… thought I was watching a horror movie… 251 more words


Oh My Ghostess Ep13 - Im Ju Hwan Cut

Am I get the feeling that PD doing ‘save the best for the last’ for you, Ju Hwan ssi? But if he don’t, I am okay too because he already praised your acting performance. 156 more words


Im Ju Hwan's Oh My Ghost Photo Gallery

‘Be grateful for what you have’

Yes, I’m really grateful that they still upload official photo of you on their official website and FB fanpage (though they didn’t list you as leads on their FB page). 70 more words