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10 Things To Know: Mothers Day 2017

From The Week.Com:

10 Things To Know: 

1. North Korea test-fires ballistic missile North Korea test-fired another ballistic missile Sunday in defiance of South Korean… 1,166 more words

[VIDEO] North Korea: Pyongyang's Putdowns Target Obama, Clinton, Kerry 

In another life, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s propaganda chief could have had a heck of a career as an insult comic.

The latest screed from… 272 more words


North Korea detains another American over alleged hostile acts

Sunday North Korea said that it detained a fourth American citizen over unspecified hostile acts against the country and amid worsening tensions with the U.S. 196 more words

Current Events

North Korea state media confirms arrest of US professor

Kim Sang-Duk, or Tony Kim, was detained at the capital’s airport on April 22, as he tried to leave the country after teaching for several weeks at an elite university. 191 more words


Are you there North Korea? It's me, the Daily Freier

May 1, 2017 (Happy May Day!)

Memorandum For: Korean Central News Agency

From: The Daily Freier

Subject: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Greetings from the Daily Freier, a people’s collective located in the humid and cosmopolitan coastal region of Tel Aviv tasked with providing timely and useful information to the hardworking farmers, intellectuals, and factory workers of the surrounding villages and hamlets!
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