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Food Trip in Seoul, Korea

I really fell in love with Korean foods. From meats to street foods to desserts—all of them are really tasty! I think I gained a lot of weight for staying in Korea for four days because I did ate a lot. 535 more words


Pigging Out in Seoul?!?

Good evening guys!

It takes me so long to start writing something here. As I’m a food lover, no doubt that my first post is about FOOD!!! 1,403 more words

Travel Tips

Banchan (aka Endless appetizers)

Banchan is a unique part of the Korean dining experience. Banchan are essentially small side dishes of food that accompany the main component of the meal. 497 more words

Funny Korean Customs

Table Settings (aka neverending dishes)

How many dishes can you fit on a table? If it were a competition, I would suggest not to battle a server from a Korean restaurant. 263 more words

Funny Korean Customs

Kimchi (aka the pillar of Korean cuisine)

My first blog post profiles kimchi. Kimchi earns it because it is *that* important.

But as an NK (non-Korean) you must learn to throw your kimchi references around with finesse, otherwise your lack of Korean Kred will be apparent. 520 more words

Funny Korean Customs

Korean Army Base Noodles, JjiGae부대 찌개, BuDae JjiGae

Army base soup, budae jjigae was created during the Korean War, when the Koreans had very little to eatthen. People made this dish by combining leftover Spam and hot dogs from U.S. 381 more words

Home Cook Food For Busy People

Seoul Food - South Korea

South Korea was never on my trava-radar: high tech, amazing infrastructure, easy access, omnipresent wifi… Why should I visit? Apart from mainstream history, culture and wild Korean tv drama, I was clueless, and a loser (literally too) for purposely steering clear of Korean cuisine. 754 more words