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Crispy Mandu (Spicy) - Bonchon Specialty Review

I’m not a fan of Mandu (or Mandoo) The reason is it just didn’t tickle my tastebuds.

But this serving left me a different impression of the infamous korean deep-fried dumplings. 195 more words

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"Boils Up"

When suddenly my hunger BOILS up…

뼈해장국  – Ppyeo Haejangguk

Source: “Boils Up”

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SIDE DISH-ney Land

Welcome to SIDE DISH-ney land!

As I mentioned in my article entitled “Kimchied,” I was surprised (and delighted) to see lots of side dishes (반찬 –  531 more words

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"Till We MEAT Again"

Some of the meat dishes I tried here in South Korea are somewhat similar to the meat dishes in the Philippines.

One Korean beef dish that reminds me so much of our own “nilagang baka” (Filipino beef stew with clear broth) is 갈비탕 ( 746 more words

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This is about my first 삼겹살 (samgyeobsal) experience…  why  the pork belly should be faulted for my becoming  “pork-bellied.”

As I said in the article  685 more words

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This is where I post articles that chronicle my gastronomic journey here in South Korea. I call this section of my website “kimchied.” I couldn’t find a better title. 604 more words

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