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Kill Me Heal Me Review

Kill Me Heal Me

Rating: 5/5 stars

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Cha-Do Hyun has multiple personalities. He meets Oh Ri Jin who becomes his personal doctor. While killing off one personality at a time, they find out about their past. 282 more words

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20 Asian Shows To Binge-watch during Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving! What’s your plan for the break? Are you going out to party, reuniting with family, or staying at home? If you’re staying at home and happen to be interested in Asian cultures, histories, traditions, and languages,  I put up a list of some fun Asian shows just for you to binge-watch. 819 more words

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Imaginary Cat: First Impression

I wonder where’s the make-believe cat in the Imaginary Cat. Oh well, maybe it may strut in later.

Main cast:


How my office dinner turned Korean

Yesterday I went out to dinner with some colleagues. The purpose of the dinner was to entertain a Japanese professor who is briefly visiting our department. 172 more words

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Story of a Man Korean Drama Review (Midway)

Story of a Man tells the story of Kim Shin (Park Yong Ah).  His brother’s company goes bankrupt because of a scam ran by the head of a corporation named Chae Do Woo (Kim Kang Woo).  510 more words


Oh my Venus, you are one interesting thing.

I just finished It’s Ok, That’s Love and I must say Jae Yeol is by far the best representation of my spiritual animal.

And seeing that the only show I am currently invested in is Into the Badlands, I know it only has 2 episodes so far but IT IS SO GOOD! 326 more words

Noble My Love (고결한 그대) Korean Web Drama Review


Noble My Love is a twenty episode romantic comedy web drama that follows an optimistic and down to earth veterinarian named Cha Yoon Seo who ends up saving a rich good looking CEO named Lee Jang Hoon. 567 more words

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