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Our Gab-soon - First Impression

Like all other long family dramas, Our Gap-soon has a sprawling cast and not everyone’s relationship with everyone is clearly stated in the first episode. All we know are Gab-soon ( 327 more words


Unfinished Business #2: Tears of Frustration & Tears of Boredom

In my last Unfinished Business post, I talked about some older dramas that I never got around to finishing. This time, I’ll be going through the more recent dramas I’ve dropped, almost all of which I’ve shed tears for, but for all the wrong reasons. 675 more words


Why sad Korean Dramas are addicting

Imagine the most saddening series of events occurring – you’ve got the ideal Korean drama. Why does it draw us in? What makes the content so appealing? 429 more words

Life Challenges

Bring it on, Ghost Ep 1 - Recap

Shot Glasses and Sides at the ready? Go!

Boy introduces himself as one who sees ghosts and they bother him even in the bathroom. He fights weak ones for money, and despite how much he earns he still needs a lot of money. 694 more words

Drama Recap

Cinderella and Four Knights Ep 5 - Recap

Shot Glasses and Sides at the ready? Go!

CNBlue surprise interrupts the standoff to shout “Happy birthday!” Playboy covers buying the face cream as a birthday thing, and with a birthday dinner it’s Mission Complete! 692 more words

Drama Recap

Finished DotS

I was finally able to finish “Descendants of the Sun.” It was okay, thanks to the kidnapping, earthquake & shots were fired. Okay, the “doves” were nice, too.   43 more words


Noble, My Love

Noble, my love was a happy find. I’d skimmed over it a hundred times on all of my streaming sites (including Hulu, Netflix and Dramafever), because I was so sure that it was just going to be another typical Chaebol falls in love with the poor sweet girl which is how many of the sites described it as. 187 more words