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Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Moon Lovers)

 Scarlet Heart Ryeo is taking the world by storm as one of the most popular K-dramas on television right now. It is sad that domestically it is not getting the same recognition as it is receiving from international viewers. 563 more words

Korean Dramas

Another Oh Hae Young: another must watch drama.

Hello, am in high spirits since we are going to talk about one of my favourite 2016 kdramas. You might have seen this drama already but I really cannot resist talking about it. 273 more words

Korean Dramas

Korean Dramas

Since I have become disgruntled with the entertainment coming out of Hollywood (let’s just remake every movie that was ever made before today), I’ve turned my eyes to foreign entertainment. 302 more words

First Impression: The K2

Hmm…somehow K2 reminds me distinctly of Yong-pal, and yes, both stem from the same author. Unfortunately, the similarities are not happy ones.

Main cast: 682 more words


Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.1-2

I waited until I finished watching episode 1 & 2 of The K2 before I weigh in on how it performed.

For public opinions, it seems the whole cast is being praise for their performance. 895 more words

Korean Dramas

Famous last words. 

I don’t really watch a lot of television. I’d choose books over tv any other day. I’ll watch while I’m having my meals, and here and there there are a few programs that I will catch. 354 more words