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Fan Fiction will be the death of me....

Okay so I made the mistake of checking for K drama fan fictions.  Don’t do eeeeeeeet!!! Resist!!!! Because, let me tell you most of the stories are basically recaps.   333 more words

Korean Dramas

Defendant Episode 10 Recap

My favourite episode thus far – Park Jeong Woo’s plan is rolling, people are good and kind-hearted and shit hasn’t yet hit the fan (again). 2,585 more words

Recaps And Reviews

Park Seo Joon's Many Looks On Hwarang

How’s my hair?

Who knew sageuk could see such variety in style?

PSJ wore these all (including a PS&J sandwich, heh).

Korean Dramas

Noble, My Love

I started this drama because I have a friend who liked it and because it is available on Netflix. I finished this drama because each episode was so short I just couldn’t resist. 267 more words

Korean Dramas

Drama Review - Naked Fireman (KBS, 2017)

What on earth does the title mean, I thought. It turns out to be as literal as it meant, where the male lead has a distinct scar on his back, and the female lead is looking for the guy with a scar on the back aka him to seek revenge. 449 more words


One Percent of Something

Phenomenal. It’s all I can say about this drama. It’s one of those shows that’s not just an easy watch, it is addicting. I’ve had a few shows that are so addicting that I can’t help but think about it and can’t wait to get back to it. 335 more words

Introverted Boss: Yay for re-writing

…or tweaking, or whatever Introverted crew has done over the Lunar New Year weekend. Cos I suddenly find myself actually looking forward to Introverted, when its debut and following 2eps had irked me off so much I wanted to shelve watching it. 994 more words