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In my town, there is a fortress called Hwaseong. I have been running a blog about the UNESCO registered cultural heritage for about a year now. 367 more words

Rules For Testing At The Kukkiwon

Rules For Testing At The Kukkiwon

        There are certain rules you have to follow to test at the Kukkiwon. The main rule is to wait 6 months living in Korea in order to be allowed to test. 799 more words



You kids, with your skating boards and your methamphetamines, you seem to like my occasional, poorly considered capsule movie reviews, so…

Gareth Edwards, director of the original MONSTERS, as well as 2014’s GODZILLA re-stomp, produced this one presumably from afar, handing the reins to Tom Green, who is presumably not the Canadian comic. 765 more words

PCG’s Quirky Queue

Sparring in martial arts? Float like an Iron Butterfly

What’s your position? I can’t lock in” the words from a favorite childhood video game come to mind when I think about movement. Moving targets are hard to hit. 554 more words

Kuk Sool Won

Grand Master Hong’s Taekwondo - A Perfect Family Activity

Grand Master Hong’s Taekwondo

Why every family should attend Grand Master Hong’s Taekwondo!

Grand Master Hong’s Taekwondo is the perfect family activity.  Family Martial Arts is the ideal family activity because it provides many benefits that alternative sports and exercise activities simply cannot and do not provide. 158 more words

Grand Master Hong's Taekwondo

Kuk Sool: What it's like to be a Martial Arts Mum at forty something

Mum could you hold the target please?” It’s the summer break and the first thing on my nine year old son’s mind is kicking practice when he wakes up. 838 more words

Kuk Sool Won

Korean martial arts culture - Taekwondo

Before talking about taekwondo, I wish you a happy White Day as tomorrow (14 March 2015) is White Day in South Korea. What is White Day? 1,096 more words

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