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Kids Kicking it Kung Fu style from Uganda to Kuk Sool Won style in America

“Everybody in Uganda is Kung Fu fighting” – this article by Elizabeth McSheffrey caught my attention. It’s seldom that we hear the good news stories from Africa on this side of the ocean but this one made it. 526 more words

Kuk Sool Won

MARTIALXCHANGE.COM sponsors Austin's 1st ever Feature Face off

Asian Cinema Austin , Lucky Chaos Theater Projects And Austin Asian American Film Festival
present two South Korean action thriller face off screenings. The man from Nowhere vs The Suspect. 153 more words


Actress and Taekwondo Athlete Taemi Aims for First Pitch Supremacy

Korean ceremonial first pitches: Where the real war of skill takes place on a baseball mound.

Taemi (also known as K Kim and Tammy which just makes google searching much too difficult) must have seen… 195 more words

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So Reel Flix review: The Pirates

So Reel Flix review: The Pirates

The review of The Pirates is courtesy of our brother The Masked Avenger of the excellent website soreelfilx.com. Visit soreelflix.com for the latest movie reviews, DVD/Blu Ray release dates, commentary, and a whole lot more.

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Earliest American Report of Taekwondo?

“In nine months of covering the war in Viet Nam, I have marched with virtually every American and Vietnamese unit. None of them impressed me as much as the Koreans. 229 more words


Martial Arts 101: We only regret the paths left unexplored

It was a chilly evening but I didn’t need anything to keep warm. Nervous energy consumed me as I drove through the evening traffic.

The… 423 more words

Kuk Sool Won

The Five Most Basic Motions of Taekwondo

I’ve noticed that from dojang to dojang there are 5 techniques that are almost invariably taught first to beginners. They are simple, they have a relatively low risk of injury if accidentally performed incorrectly, and when paired with basic stances, introduce to the neophyte the most fundamental elements of structure, mechanics, and coordination. 924 more words