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3-Iron (빈집)

Tae Suk (Jae Hee) lives his life one day at a time: he breaks in to strangers’ houses and lives in them for a day and then moves on to the next one. 229 more words


Juvenile Offender (범죄소년)

Jang Ji Gu (Seo Young Joo) hangs out with a bad crowd. After another run in with the law he is sent to a detention center. 157 more words

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The King (더 킹)

It’s not pretty staying in power.

After seeing his father being brought to his knees by a prosecutor Park Tae Soo (Jo In Sung) decides to become one himself. 352 more words

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Master (마스터)

Jin Hee Jang (Lee Byung Hun) is the CEO of a pyramid scheme company with a scale different from others. He works together with his right hand man Park Jang Goon (Kim Woo Bin) and a woman called mother Kim (Jin Kyung). 217 more words

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Libera Me (리베라 메)

Viewer discretion is advised.

An arsonist (Cha Seung Won) is released from prison but can he stay away from his old habits?

There was a reason why I wrote viewer discretion advised when I usually don’t.  109 more words

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Daisy (데이지)

Hye Yeong (Jeon Ji Hyeon) is a street painter who has been waiting for the man who sends her daisies. One day a man sits in front of her and she believes that it’s him. 96 more words


The Handmaiden (아가씨)

During the Japanese occupation of Korea Sok Hee (Kim Tae Ri) is hired as a handmaiden to a rich Japanese woman named Hideko (Kim Min Hee). 197 more words