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The Prison (더 프리즌)

Song Yoo Geon’s (Kim Rae Won) brother dies while investigating a prison. He then gets himself convicted and transferred to the same prison. He approaches the man who controls the prison Jeong Ik Ho (Han Seok Kyu) to find out the crimes that the prisoners commit outside. 116 more words

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Veteran (베테랑)

After detective Seo Do Chul’s (Hwang Jung Min) friend tries to kill himself over late wages from the Sun Jin group, he begins to investigate the incident and the chaebol heir to the company. 219 more words

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Don't Forget Me (나를 잊지 말아요)

Seok Won (Jung Woo Sung) has no memories of the past ten years. One day he meets Kim Jin Young (Kim Ha Neul) and the two quickly fall in love. 209 more words


Confidential Assignment (공조)

A high-ranking North Korean officer betrays his country and steals the secret supernote plates used to create US bills. Im Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) is the only survivor of the crime that took his team mates lives. 150 more words

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Jail Breakers (광복절특사)

Mok Su (Cha Seung Won) is a prisoner whose hobby for six years has been digging his escape route with a spoon. When he finally has his tunnel ready he escapes with another prisoner named Jae Pil (Sol Kyung Gu). 77 more words

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My Annoying Brother (형)

Doo Yeong (D.O from EXO) is a rising judo star but after an accident he loses his vision. His estranged brother Doo Shik (Jo Jung Suk) uses this to get parole from jail. 149 more words

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Open City (무방비도시)

Baek Jang Mi (Son Ye Jin) is the boss of her pick pocket gang. She is traced by the police and especially by Jo Dae Yeong (Kim Myung Min) who’s the son of a former member of her gang. 107 more words

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