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Umami Seoul is a welcome addition to the neighborhood

By Leighton Ginn

I used to joke that the Chinatown, or Asian population base, in the Palm Springs area was the casinos and the outlet malls, since those places bused people from Los Angeles. 413 more words

Palm Springs

The Almost-Final Tour, Part 3: The Real Korean

Jang Su Jang: Duluth, GA, USA

This restaurant has been said to have true authentic (or the closest to it) Korean food and a place with the best braised beef rib stew (galbi jjim).   419 more words

The Gastronome

Korean barbecue sizzles in Central Jersey

One of my favorite restaurants in Central Jersey is on the corner of a strip mall advertised with only a half-lit sign that says “SUSHI.” 755 more words

Food And Fare

Enjoy wonderful Korean delicacies

Food is one of the delicacies to satisfy the taste of the tongue. There are many varieties of food with different taste. The world of food is known as gourmet. 325 more words

Melbourne Korean Restaurant

678 Hawaii

Finally, 678! :)

1726 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814

LA급 한국 음식… ㅋㅋ 물론 여기 오는 한국 사람은 다 미국에 사는 한국사람들이라는데..ㅎㅎ 백정과 다른게 뭔지 잘 모르겠으나 어찌되었건 감사하는 마음으로 냠냠..



Yuchun Cold Noodle 유천칡냉면

Happen to find Yu Chun House in Honolulu instead of LA :)

냠냠… 맛있는 칡냉면.. 예정에도 없다가 일정들이 어그러지면서 하와이에서 냉면 사먹게 되었다..ㅎㅎ 살인적인 하와이 가격만 빼면 훌륭..ㅎㅎ 언제 LA가서 한번 배터지게 먹었으면 좋겠다…



Oxtail Soup

Jang Dok Dae: Duluth, GA, USA

My Korean friend, B, recommended this place after his parents introduced it to him when he moved back from California.   435 more words

The Gastronome