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Korean Restaurants in London (Central)

Korean food is one of my favourite cuisine, not to mention I’m also one of those kdrama and kpop fans (not being biased but Big Bang is the best). 955 more words


Meal of the week No.26: Snow Tree

Ever since visiting Snow Tree for dinner with friends, I’ve harboured the suspicion that it would make a better a lunch place.

Boxing Day is the time to find out, especially with Bennie still being in bed and playing Maximum Sloth to the max. 194 more words


Highpoint fried chook

Nene Chicken, Highpoint. Phone: 9318 2843

It’s clear that western suburbs have bought massively into Melbourne’s mania for burgers.

The fried chicken thing isn’t quite as manic and our western neighbourhoods have mostly not risen to it charms. 392 more words


Bibigo: Korean food in London

If you’ve seen the film Oldboy (the original, naturally), or you are familiar with Korean cuisine, you’ll know that live baby octopus is a strange feature of the Korean menu… 274 more words


Recipe for Disaster

Unlike in the U.K. or certainly the U.S., where you can order a set menu piece “without the mushrooms, carrots steamed rather than boiled, and cheddar cheese swapped for mozzarella,” there is no such compromise in Korea. 500 more words

South Korea

The Road to Aizawl

The incessant change in the itinerary plans, early arrival at the airport due to excitement followed by dismayedness due to delay of the flight, pile of doubts and inhibitions about the new place swept by excessively optimistic thoughts served as perfect ingredients to spice up the curiosity which for a very long time was overwhelmingly jumping to drift to an unexplored land of wonder. 334 more words


1st Ranked on TripAdvisor !

We opened the restaurant just a few months ago and yet, thanks to our kindhearted customers and their reviews, we reached the first rank at the place to eat in Seoul on the famous website… 310 more words

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