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Orion Chocolate Chip Cookies

Having no time to update yesterday, I thought I’d make this extra special and bring in another Orion product: the ‘chocolately’ chocolate chip cookies.

촉촉한 초코칩, or ‘chok-chok-han cho-ko-chip’, as is written on the outer packaging, means something akin to ‘choc-choc choco chip’, making stellar use of that triumphal three-prong rhetoric. 363 more words


Lotte Strawberry Pie

I dare say the Choco pie is one of the more accessible varieties of Korean snack – at least in the U.K. Though many flavours exist, and are subsequently exported all over the world, we only get a humble selection of this famed snack. 534 more words


Calbee Baked Onion 구운 양파

For my first review on Snack World, I thought I’d go with something which most people are familiar with – at least in some form or other: onion rings. 444 more words


Why Snack World?

Hello all!

I started this blog for two chief reasons: one, I love to eat; and two, because I love eating Korean food – snacks especially. 293 more words


Honey Butter Chips

Tangy sweet and savory salty. Maybe you have heard of this unconventional combination of flavors being trendy nowadays–Honey & Butter! Yep, the sweet and salty flavors are a heavenly match! 1,156 more words



My friend Dev and I got together and filmed a taste test video for my Get Up & Go Girl channel. We ate/spit-out Korean snacks we’ve never tried before including the best ice cream EVERRR, a couple odd flavoured chips (tteokbokki anyone?), and whatever else the Korean convenience store had to offer. 12 more words

Get Up & Go Girl

Korean style late night snacking

I enjoy snacking, I enjoy Korean food.

I l-o-v-e Korean snacks!

Ddeokbokki, a savory prepared Korean rice cake dish, has a special place in my heart. 101 more words

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