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Treats from the market :3

So at my last visit to the Asian Market I picked a new Ice cream from Korea and it was so good! Very much like snow cream! 31 more words


10 Things You Can Do ONLY in South Korea!

If you’re planning your trip to Korea and have only shopping and eating on your list… pretty good choices. Korea’s pretty awesome for that. But don’t forget to do some unique things you can ONLY do in Korea. 2,404 more words

Typical winter snacks at home, Korea

Round : Dried persimmon, strawberry and Omija tea (schizandra berries)

Round 2: Baked rice cake (mugwort, peanuts and plain), orange and pear

10 Minutes Break

Introducing.... 수미칩! Not Honey Butter Chips!

Anyone know about this Honey Butter Chips Craze in Korea? I believe anyone with interest in mainstream Korean culture has by now heard of the Honey Butter Chip. 316 more words


Korean Ice Cream (Is amazing)

So recently when I’ve been going to the Korean Market I’ve been trying a different ice cream each time. So the Samanco ice cream was Amazing! 177 more words


기대 되요. Gidae dwoeyo

Work has been crazy lately, sorry about the lack of updates. Till I have more to write, here’s a pic of a cute tsum tsum that the boy got me. 72 more words

Entry 37: Latest food craze- Honey mustard chips from Nongshim.

Got the chance to finally grab a bag of Nongshim’s honey mustard chips! This snack has sparked a food trend and many shops can’t keep up with demand. 83 more words

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