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Mammos Cola Candy

Apologies for the late update. I’ve been quite busy lately, what with my university, my own writing, and numerous other things. The next week is pretty hectic, though I will try and keep the updates as frequent as possible. 484 more words

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Lotte Waffle Mate

The first thing that struck me about Lotte’s Waffle Mate (와플 메이트, literally ‘waffle mate’) was that they bore a striking resemblance to the Dutch… 356 more words

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Orion Chocolate Chip Cookies

Having no time to update yesterday, I thought I’d make this extra special and bring in another Orion product: the ‘chocolately’ chocolate chip cookies.

촉촉한 초코칩, or ‘chok-chok-han cho-ko-chip’, as is written on the outer packaging, means something akin to ‘choc-choc choco chip’, making stellar use of that triumphal three-prong rhetoric. 361 more words

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Lotte Strawberry Pie

I dare say the Choco pie is one of the more accessible varieties of Korean snack – at least in the U.K. Though many flavours exist, and are subsequently exported all over the world, we only get a humble selection of this famed snack. 534 more words

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Calbee Baked Onion

For my first review on Snack World, I thought I’d go with something which most people are familiar with – at least in some form or other: onion rings. 444 more words

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Why Snack World?

Hello all!

I started this blog for two chief reasons: one, I love to eat; and two, because I love eating Korean food – snacks especially. 293 more words

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Honey Butter Chips

Tangy sweet and savory salty. Maybe you have heard of this unconventional combination of flavors being trendy nowadays–Honey & Butter! Yep, the sweet and salty flavors are a heavenly match! 1,156 more words