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Because It's the First Time Review

I actually finished this series in two days that’s how much love I had for it. Honestly, I have this habit of looking at ratings before watching a drama or movie. 340 more words

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K-Review: Love in the Moonlight

Before we get on with this review, I have to let you know that I’m a sucker for storylines that include girls pretending to be boys… 310 more words


K-Drama Review: Sweet Stranger and Me (우리집에 사는 남자)



Stranger things can happen. Hong Na Ri (Soo Ae) is a proud flight attendant who suffers a series of misfortunes after her mother passes away and then she discovers that her longtime fiancé, Jo Dong Jin (Kim Ji Hoon), is cheating on her with fellow flight attendant Do Yeo Joo (Jo Bo Ah). 568 more words

K-Drama Review: Woman with a Suitcase (캐리어를 끄는 여자)



Can you live your life as having “everything but”? Cha Geum Joo (Choi Ji Woo) a famous paralegal who manages the law office of her stepsister, Park Hye Joo (Jeon Hye Bin). 663 more words

How I learn Korean with Anki

I touched upon this on this previous post but i wanted to break it down. I’m pleased with the streamlined process. There’s some info I have to share beforehand which is that… 1,421 more words

2 TV Shows That Raise Important Social Issues

Most of the time, we watch TV shows in order to relax after a long day of hard work — television’s purpose is to entertain us, after all. 533 more words