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Korean secrets for perfect skin

Hello dears!

We all want to have perfect skin without imperfections. But when it comes to skin care routine, Korean women know it perfectly . Besides having a certain beauty regime, they also have a very healthy diet. 398 more words


May the glow be with you. Korean beauty secret.

Korean women are known for their exceptional effort on their beauty routine. They (I mean we) spend more than 12 products daily and are top spenders in beauty products together with Japanese women. 498 more words

Grasshoppers, Green and Gold: Shin Saim-dang's Art

Slender leaves spiral across a golden background. Red and white butterflies seem to hover above plump purple eggplants. A grasshopper climbs up a pastel stem. These gorgeous botanical paintings are the work of Shin Saimdang, a Korean artist who elevated images of insects and grass into expressive, whirling scenes. 588 more words

Women's History

Confucianism as a Sexist Philosophy 儒学作为一个性别歧视的哲学

Painting: Chinese girl (1952) by Vladimir Tretchikoff. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The hijab, a headdress traditionally worn by Muslim women outside the home, became less popular during the 1930s as education and advancements in the Arab world encouraged women to adopt Western fashion and life-style. 1,878 more words