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Mongol Monday: 1/23/17

Time for some Asian beauty. The yellow fever is probably strong in most of my readers.

There’s simply nothing cuter than Asian girls, probably even better than Beckys.

Asian Female Beauty

MINA2016 and smart ajumma

I just came back home. MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Australasia) 2016  was an amazing experience to meet other researchers and their fabulous works. I also presented my PhD project in MINA 2016 and I feel glad people who were there know who ajummas are and why ajummas need to be considered as smart ajummas today. 39 more words

Smart Ajumma (English)

Ajumma fans at the concert, so what?

Fandom culture is very strong in Korea as well as other countries. A variety types of fan clubs are formed and those fans do many activities for their ‘stars’. 643 more words

Smart Ajumma (English)

Ajumma-Selca by Incheong Lee 2008

(Click the photo above, there are more photos of Ajumma-Selca and information about this project (but in Korean))

I found Korean artist Incheong Lee’s Ajumma-Selca by chance this morning. 149 more words

Smart Ajumma (English)


“Don’t call us as ajumma!”, “You just try to glorify ajummas!”, “Ajummas are different people from us, they’re low-educated and from the countryside!”

I can’t write every single reaction from people when I presented my research about Ajumma in one conference last time. 398 more words

Smart Ajumma (English)


In the previous post, I wrote about Yeohyeom that means people (mostly men I can say) hate women without obvious reasons. Then, we can say the Korean term “Yeohyeom” can be translated to misogyny in English. 303 more words

Smart Ajumma (English)