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Flashback: Scarface vs Korean Zombie

UFC’s featherweight kingpin Jose ‘Scarface’ Aldo defended his title against ‘The Korean Zombie’ in what proved to be the last time we would see Chan Sung Jung for quite some time. 97 more words


Ahead of UFC 179, Here's Jose Aldo vs. the Korean Zombie From UFC 163

A free fight, brought to us by the official UFC YouTube, from August 3, 2013’s UFC 163: Aldo/Korean Zombie (Chan Sung-Jung).

Jose Aldo broke his foot in the first round, and in the fourth the Korean Zombie separated his shoulder, to which Aldo took advantage of by delivering vicious and merciless kick after kick to the ailing KZ.


MMA Crossfire - The Korean Zombie returns to Sweden October 4th

Stockholm fans will be pleased to hear The Korean Zombie is returning to Sweden October 4th. 146 more words


Korean Zombie against Rising Sun (again)

MMAmania: “Korean Zombie calls out Ronda Rousey for ‘Rising Sun’ shirt sporting ‘symbol of war crimes’” by Steve Borchardt:

You may recall the former featherweight contender’s outrage earlier in the year when Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion Georges St.

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Korean zombie coming-of-age melodrama "Let Me Out" to get limited U.S. release

Group 1200 Media, in conjunction with Giant Ape Media, announced today a partnership with Tugg to release live-action Korean zombie coming of age melodrama, “Let MeĀ  Out” theatrically in three U.S. 932 more words

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Korean Zombie: injury toll includes fractured orbital and foot (updated)

TKZ and Adlo fought a injury filled fight on August 3 with Aldo suffering a broken right foot from a checked low kick in Round 1. 107 more words


The bond between MMA fighters goes beyond the octagon.

Jose Aldo and Chan Sung-Jung recently fought for the UFC featherweight championship this past saturday at UFC 163. It ended when Chan Sung-Jung’s shoulder got horribly dislocated during an errant punch. 64 more words