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낮잠 (natjam)| [Word of the Day]



낮잠 (natjam) | “nap”


  • 낮잠이 필요해. (naj-jam-i pil-yohae.) | “I need a nap.”
  • 낮잠 잤어? (naj-jam jass-eo?) | “Did you take a nap?”
Word Of The Day

Dinner at Crazy Don

January 20, 2018:  We specifically only ordered one item from Go Topoki since they didn’t have many selections of food we wanted to eat for dinner.  442 more words


Learning a new languge

Trying to learn Korean has always been something I wanted to do for about a year now and I like to use different things to use it but my go-to books, podcast, youtube channel is Talk To Me In Korean, they make learning Korean easy and because they have different ways to learn the same thing I find that it is super useful because I can take notes, watch a video on it, play it in the background as I clean. 162 more words


Gluten for you, none for me

Growing up in an Asian community, I was easily influenced by the different types of food other ethnic groups ate, besides my own. Being Chinese-American, I grew up eating Dim Sum for lunch on some weekends, In-and-Out burgers and Neopolitian milkshakes, and rice as a side for dinners. 473 more words


The Best Korean Food in Cape Town: Korean Soul Kitchen Restaurant

You know when you visit or move to a country, try their local cuisine, and can’t even imagine your life without it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me after spending four years in… 275 more words


South Korea School System

Final Exam At Hankuk University

My semester at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Korean language program was coming to an end.  The teacher wrote on the blackboard the schedule for the finals.   598 more words

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