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Yakiniku 焼き肉

Hello again!

For those who have never had it. Yakiniku is basically Korean BBQ, adapted for Japanese taste.

Many favorites like bulgolgi and galbi are available as purukogi and karubi in Japanese yakiniku restaurants. 1,529 more words


Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory: 50% off all Fried Chicken Dishes at JEM (22 – 24 Jul 16)

(Source: www.moneydigest.sg)

Fans of Korean Fried Chicken who stay in the West now have something to look forward to!

Chir Chir 치르치르, the famous fried chicken restaurant from Korea… 100 more words

Money Matters

KL.Eats: Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe

As “sinful” as this mouthwatering dessert is to eat, you wouldn’t mind having 3 of these when we are in the middle of experiencing a heatwave combined with the haze here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 310 more words


The Beauty Inside (2015) Korean Film

The Beauty Inside is a Korean movie directed by Baik, starring Han Hyo-Joo, Park Seo- Joon, and many more because of the premise of the movie. 250 more words


L o v e a n d l e t t e r

I know it is late but this is daebaaaaak. Wahahahahahaha Uji-yah! 😂💘💕💝💖💚


와! 오랜만이야...

It’s not that she wanted to quite writing in the blog, but more that she didn’t think anyone would be interested in what she had to say. 560 more words


Andong Zzimdak

Bar lectures have started and for the past week, my classmates and I found ourselves trudging to the so familiar shopping centre of Raffles City for lunch. 275 more words