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Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

Time flies and it’s almost the end of November. I have been staying in Singapore for over a month and everything has been good. Except living in Singapore means I have to give up some luxuries services that I could have in Medan such as face facial. 256 more words


Have you read Webtoon? These are the Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon 2017 according to us

“Webtoons are South Korean webcomics or manhwa that are published online. The Korean web portal Daum created a webtoon service in 2003, as did Naver in 2004.

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더 핀 ~ 댄서와의 연애

The Finnn, “Romance with a Dancer”

The Finnn has been around for a bit, having debuted in 2010, but the solo singer-songwriter hasn’t been really active. 286 more words


영화관 (yeonghwagwan)| [Word of the Day]



영화관 (yeonghwagwan) | “cinema” or “movie theater”


  • 그 영화관 입니까? (geu yeonghwagwan ibnikka?) | “Is that a movie theater (cinema)?”
  • 영화관에 가 싶어요.
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Word Of The Day

그_냥 ~ 너의 밤은 어때

J_ust, “How is Your Evening?”

This song gave me such a turn. It started off so romantic… and then it switched to a breakup song. I guess the two are often so similar. 294 more words


Who is BTS?

So my question before last night was,
“Is The Hype Really Worth It Over BTS?”
In case you missed it here is their performance
from the AMAs last night… 248 more words


INFINITE H (인피니트H) - I Can't Tell You (못해) [Feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo]

Dongwoo | Hoya

putputhaetji neowa nan ttaseuhan bomcheoreom
neul hamkkehaetji sajin soge kkok butjabeun soncheoreom
niga neomu ippeoseo jal boigo sipeoseo
muri jom haesseosseosseo sasil budam dwaesseosseosseo… 306 more words