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Like for Likes

This┬áhas been popping up on my dramafever lately and I felt like I should watch it. I’m so happy that I did.

We follow 3 couples, that are all looking for love. 315 more words



I’m not really sure if I really should create a blog.

I’m afraid someone out there might take away and steal my ideas and write them up as their own. 102 more words


Korean double eyelid from DE Singapore

Korean double eyelid surgery is not a procedure that takes a lot of time to complete – usually around 20 minutes and rarely more than that. 73 more words

SuperStar Korean BBQ

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience where it’s not your typical “ordering from a printed menu and the food is brought to you after 40 minutes of waiting” then this is the place to visit! 373 more words


Why Asian Women Never Age

Have you ever tried to guess the age of an Asian woman? It’s often not easy, right? Asian skin appears ageless a lot of the time. 694 more words


REVIEW: Lovely Cookie Blusher

Etude House was one of the first few Korean brands that I had discovered when I took an interest in South Korean culture. Their Lovely Cookie Blusher was also one of my first few purchases from them. 429 more words


PPAP Smear Leads to Uncomfortable Burning: Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Sheet Mask Review

Angela (to Renee and Indya): LADIES!!! I have a very speshul present for you.

Indya: Does it involve cutting out lolcat talk?

Angela: Me haz no idea what zis hooman is talking about. 518 more words

Asian Beauty