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-에 대해(서) / -에 대한

‘-에 대해서’ and ‘-에 대한’ mean ‘about’ or ‘concerning.’ The expression ‘-에 대해서’ is followed by verbs, and ‘-에 대한’ is followed by nouns.

‘에 대해(서)’ can be replaced by ‘-에 관해(서),’ and ‘-에 대한’ can be replaced by ‘-에 관한.’ 219 more words


Korean pop singer Rain to wed actress Kim Tae-Hee: Report

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SEOUL: Korean pop singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-Hee will tie the knot, according to a Korean Herald report on Tuesday (Jan 17) which said he announced it in a handwritten letter. 81 more words

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Snowy Village Dessert Cafe

Snowy Village is a dessert chain from Asia that specializes in Korean shaved ice known as “bingsoo” or “patbingsu”. To date, they have a total of three locations here in the Lower Mainland: Richmond, Vancouver, and their addition in Coquitlam. 454 more words


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (KDrama)

This drama is a must watch for those who love a simple romantic comedy series. It has its unique way of showing romance and comedy at the same time. 174 more words

TV Series

House With A Good View 3 2016

Description: The rooftop seems suffocating because all the windows have been blocked by other buildings. Every night women from next door can be seen through the windows?! 94 more words


Korean Idiom #15 손이 크다

손이 크다

(Literal meaning: one’s hands are big.)

–> generous; open-handed; resourceful
예문(example sentences)

“제 남편은 손이 커서 항상 선물을 많이 사요.”

“김밥을 이렇게 많이 가져왔어? 6 more words