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4 Kdrama Love Pairs that will grow on you

It’s all about #aldubnation over here in my side of the world and I cannot help but wonder why. My (guy) friend whom I will hide his true identity is surprisingly hooked up with Yaya Dub and Alden of Eat Bulaga and I wouldn’t bother asking why. 930 more words


I seriously don’t know what level of idiot one has to be to give her employer a link to her super-secret blog. If I’m gonna give this link (and this blog is semi-private), it won’t help her much because she told me she’d like to read a bit of my writing to know what type of articles she should assign to me. 238 more words


해를 품은 달 ※ Haereul Poomeun Dal

Caution: For grammar nazis, don’t even bother reading this. Haha!

Of course, if you’re well versed with Korean Dramas, you’ve probably seen this (or at least heard of it). 1,335 more words


I ended up talking about K-dramas

How is it that almost everyone from high school is growing up to be fabulous, glamorous or doing something cool with their lives while I’m stuck here, still without a clue on how to pay my tuition for second year in medical school? 367 more words


10 times I tried to be a Korean local in Seoul. #TravelJock #CorreaInKorea


An early disclaimer, this will be a throwback post since it was March 2012 when I’d been to South Korea. But those memories that I cherished so much are still in my mind that I want to share some of the things I explored trying to be a Korean local in Seoul. 130 more words

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off day today

i have the most boring off day today. ive been recuperating from my past night off morning afternoon afternoon shift and just tried waking up 10-ish a.m but failed. 68 more words

Liar Game

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Liar Game is a 2014 South Korean Drama series based on a Japanese manga of the same title by Shinobu Kaitani. Liar Game was also made to a movie in Japan and have their own drama series although Korean version has a different take on the story.  334 more words