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Korea's Got Talent

So this week our school had a talent show. Because of the talent show, we had no classes that day, so woohoo for that. My job for the day was to wander around the freezing gym, taking various action shots of whatever performance was going on onstage. 311 more words


Amazing voices of the Auditionees with no good impression by the people see them for the first time

This video is posted on youtube by inspirationbygod. This is about the boy who auditioned in Korea’s Got Talent with such an amazing voice. He was interviewed by the judges and everyone got surprise when he tells about his life story. 243 more words


The Second Day in Convent

Today was the second time I visited The convent of the Bridgettine sisters in Djursholm.

I continued to paint the Virgin Mary icon.

The weather was damp and cold. 484 more words

The Fascinating Progeny of Les Miserables, the South Korean Military, Jump Rope, Pop, and Taekwondo

The mixing of the traditional with the modern and the foreign have been a consistent source of fascination for me, as a waegukin (foreigner) living in Seoul. 400 more words


Homeless Boy Sings - Insanely Inspiring

Honestly, I cried watching this…

Seeing how someone can be in such a horrific situation in life and still have the courage and will to fight, and to find joy in life. 73 more words

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There are a lot of attacks on  Got Talent etc but we have to recognise that people are recognised who would not be recognised otherwise because of the elistism existing in the industry. I was even more moved by this than by Jonathen and Charlotte and Susan Boyle. Let these people shine!!!! jm

Music is Big! In reality TV...

Here is an interesting question. Why do we like reality TV? To be more specific, why do we like music reality shows? Whenever you change the channel, you can find tons of these in programs on 24/7 of all subjects. 253 more words