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Roll Call: Machi Koro, Roll for the Galaxy, and Vengeful Impulses

Roll Call summarizes the past week’s gaming exploits, and who was doing the exploiting. This past couple of weeks we’ve had 4 players at Thursday Night games which has allowed for a couple of long neglected 4 player games to hit the table. 1,399 more words

Board Game

Large Japanese Two-handled Brass Koro Lamp

Large Japanese Two-handled Brass Koro Lamp
I Had An Appraisal Done Which Gives All The Needed Info Included Below. Description – Asian Brass Vase That Has Been Made Into A Lamp. 179 more words


Koro Sensei Quest!

If you like the anime Assassin Classroom, then this little short spin-off might be for you. Except, instead of it being in the real world they are in an RPG. 141 more words


Assassination Classroom

I felt the need to re-watch this anime again after I say that Koro Sensei Quest! started airing this season. This anime is just weird from the get go and given that this is fiction I’m going to ignore the glaring error of the world continuing existing as is with a crescent shaped moon rather than what we have now, but I digress. 181 more words