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Greek Island 10 day Itinerary Tips

The Greek Islands! I think a lot of us dream about coming to this paradise destination and so expectations are high and you will want to do everything. 647 more words



Memories are funny things, they sneak up on you when you least expect, making you feel want to have a little cry in the middle of dinner or making you burst out laughing when you are with company who would have no idea what you were talking about even if you tried to explain. 1,416 more words


When in Greek

I’ve passed by Kos Greek Ouzeri in UP Town Center quite a few times, and it’s always piqued my interest, but I always ended up choosing another place to eat for some reason or other. 719 more words


The Armor of God (KOSENA: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Évésasi) 6:10-18

10 maan-áímbá simátíménda ísáaro. Ísóigoemo tarúmaimo máyáamba kwená asirayámbá kwétimisaꞋa asiramái kwémaewe.

11 Sáátáánigo tavisimái kampaꞋá simátiyuwaivainivo asiramái ménaaontaveꞋa ááiꞋo tiyáí-yántááꞋó Áánútumo tímímba máyáaro. 247 more words


Kos 2016 - Day 10 - A billion balconies facing the sun

The temperature was a staggering 41C on the Pharmacy thermometer today, but we later heard reports of it being 45C that day. The heatwave had arrived and I thought back fondly to the days when I though 35C was too hot, and yet the wind cooled everything down – yay go wind! 636 more words