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The Happy and Smug Bigots of Denmark

Various polls rank Denmark as one of the happiest countries in the world year-after-year.

Commentators have sought to explain the phenomenon. They have pointed to the country’s “ 973 more words


Puff Pastry Schnitzel

I haven’t been feeling well. 2 weeks ago I was bitten by some insect and had a bad reaction. I ended up in hospital for a week and this is Canada…we don’t keep people in hospital ever…unless it’s bad. 231 more words


Dear caterers...

Stop doing this. Now.

Mixing various sandwiches on a platter so you get the visually appealing mix of colour is an absolute delight to see, but every vegetarian, every Jew or Muslim, and every allergy sufferer just steadily shakes their head and dives into their bag for the emergency muesli bar. 250 more words


Why I Started Food Blogging

Let’s face it…everyone is blogging about food today. It’s all over Instagram and Pinterest. Food is the in “thing” now. Why does the world need another food blogger? 423 more words


Food Catering Services

Whenever we talk about catering, the very first thing that comes into people’s thoughts is meals. But catering is just not only about meals. It contains every detail in the celebration. 529 more words

And Indian Food Catering

Easy Couscous Salad

Couscous is an amazing pasta. It was developed in Israel back in 1950s when they couldn’t get rice. The roasted semolina wheat gives it a sort of nutty flavour. 157 more words