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Cheese Buns

To be honest this recipe wasn’t planned to be posted next. I had a few recipes before this one in the pipeline, however, when I tried these buns and today being a high Jewish holiday I chose to give this successful recipe a priority. 311 more words


Banoffee Traybake

Hi all, sorry I have disappeared for a bit. Last month has been pretty busy. We had a wave of some sunny – hot weather here in the UK, my first 10K run, a weekend away, followed by a bank holiday weekend. 569 more words


Shabbat with Fassis

I took a whirlwind trip to Morocco just before Pesach that focused on visits to historic Jewish sites and spending time with remaining Jewish communities. The 2,000 year history of Jews in Morocco is evident everywhere–from Jewish areas of towns (mellahs), to cemeteries to synagogues–and I grappled with the simultaneous historical nature of the trip along with immersing myself in dwindling communities. 1,058 more words


Bánh mì meets pita meets vegan chorizo

When I was growing up, Bà, my grandmother, would make this giant pork meatball-sausage-type thing called chả lụa. We called it chả. Her recipe involved food-processing large amounts of pork, mixing it with potato starch and fish sauce, then wrapping it in tin foil and boiling it. 546 more words

Charcuterie Boards

With any holiday time, it’s always nice to have guests. I love the idea of making charcuterie boards for a lunch meal. They are super easy to prepare, and they look gorgeous when they are done. 136 more words


Sourdough Bread Recipe

This is day 2 of my sourdough starter and it was ready for use. I think the all purpose flour was lighter than the whole wheat and so it rose easier. 561 more words


Easy Stir Fry Dinner

When I make dinner, I create as I go along, but someone asked me how I made my stir fry so I’m sharing it here. A stir fry is one of the easiest dinners because you can put whatever vegetables you love in it, and it should still taste good. 207 more words