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Fried Potato Straws

I have finally gotten down making thin crisp potato sticks to go with Gheimeh (Persian Split Pea Stew – with or without Beef).

The technique that seems to work best is to slice the potatoes with my mandolin. 193 more words


Convenient, vegan and tasty: Fawen drinkable soups

Summer is a social time: lots of outdoor eating opportunities abound. Between picnics, cookouts, ballgames, camping, hiking, hanging out at the beach, road trips and just sitting on neighbors’ porches, it’s hard to keep to a nutritious diet. 292 more words


I tried new Beetology organic juices and wrote about it!

Let us consider the humble beet. It is said that it was first cultivated in Mesopotamia and North Africa. Yet, now it’s most familiar in the cuisine of Russia, Ashkenazi Jews, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and other parts of northeastern Europe. 375 more words

Mike's Dastardly Dilly Beans

This is my kicked-up version of the classic “Dilly Beans.” The brine recipe is exactly the same as the one I use for my Garlic Dill Pickles…

897 more words

Jack the Ripper: bloody libel?

Trigger warning: graphic descriptions. Duh.

Like, I wanted to throw up researching this. Proceed at own risk.
I haven’t included gory pictures out of mercy. 5,447 more words

Rye Zucchini Sourdough Bread

It’s that time again.

Zucchini time! Zucchini bread time! Only this time, there is a twist. I found a recipe that adds zucchini to my current obsession – sourdough bread. 347 more words