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Popol Vuh - Ah!

Absolutely stunning opener from the bands 1972 album ‘Hosianna Mantra’. Delicate piano lines trickle down from above while spiralling guitars gently spin off into the ether. 14 more words


Amon Düül II - Yeti (Improvisation)

The title track from the band’s magnum opus, 1970’s ‘Yeti’; and what a track it is. After disc one, which comprises of short tracks (even the first one which is disguised as a ‘suite’) the listener is faced with a side long track. 71 more words


Mahler Haze – Psithurism

(Personal Archives, 2016)

With Psithurism – literally the rustling of trees or leaves – Belgium-based sound artist Mahler Haze (or Malegys, the name from which the phonetic “Mahler Haze” derives) achieves the improbable marriage of rural isolation and environmental placement within the context of his mission statement: the discovery of cosmic connections and occult insights through explorations via sound with a basis in the 1970s German synthesizer and prog movements (read: Ash Ra Temple, Cluster, Deuter, Neu!, Harmonia, etc.). 543 more words


Tangerine Dream - Zeit

This is the title track from TD’s only real Drone album from 1972. Drift on brothers and sisters, drift on.


Aminadav Aloni – Once (Dual Planet, June 2015)

A fabulous soundtrack for a very strange film garners its mystique by itself, but a fabulous soundtrack for a very strange film of which there are no surviving prints? 217 more words

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Clara Mondshine – Luna Africana (Fifth Dimension, August 2015)

There’s s much male Kraut-Kosmische around, your heart will probably jump at the thought of a woman dirtying her hands with the cosmos. Alas Clara ain’t a woman, but this is still very much worth listening to. 222 more words

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Laserdance – The Best of Laserdance (ZYX, September 2015)

So, absolutely zero punk ideological thrust here – the kind of outfit Whitehouse would have tortured – but damn it, it’s gorgeous. ZYX seems happy to entertain itself with horrible sexy-woman, tacky house and best of Schalger compilations these days, which is perversely quite comforting. 238 more words

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