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An Insect Hospital at the Center of the Room

Alice D. and the Wild Flowers . In the Center of the Room . Left Is the Right Choice . S/R . 2017 (Aarle Rixtel, Netherlands) 108 more words

David Tibet & Steven Stapleton - The Fire Of The Mind

This expansive, Kosmische track was originally given away with the book “Simply Being” by James Low, and originally credited to Current 93. It eventually came out on the 1998 album ‘Octopus’ credited to David Tibet & Steven Stapleton.  7 more words

Nurse With Wound

Friday July 28, 2017

A breeze kicks up in the hour or so after noon. It offers a sound that sucks me into the depths of my lawn chair, which, in its recliner position, allows me to float at near parallel to the horizontal plane. 773 more words

New Comets Ov Cupid single "Scorpius"

New Comets Ov Cupid Single “Scorpius”

on Bandcamp

all tracks played by Jason Kesselring


Today’s show is RED themed.  Every song has “red” in the title. It’s part of the “anything but basic series” (JT) and will continue with other colors in the future.  270 more words

5 June

Exmagma — Exmagma (1973, Neusi; reissue on Longhair)



Analog saturation, nature sounds, free jazz melées, deep pocket grooves — all lined up and at attention on Exmagma’s 1973 eponymous debut. 210 more words

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