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Freaky friday!

Bought a backpack for walks yesterday so I won’t get a weird crooked shoulder/back syndrome from stupid shoulderbag. I bought a fitbit flex to keep track of my walking, sleeping and eating. 101 more words

40 year old virgin

Já ég meina það, ég er næstum því hrein mey, hef ekki verið við karlmann kennd árum saman, ég er, meira að segja, næstum því farin að roðna ef ég er í félagsskap hins kynsins. 717 more words


PAUL KOSSOFF - Died 19th March 1976

Paul Kossoff Left us on this day March. 19th in 1976: from heroin-related heart problems, Kossoff’s unhappiness with the end of Free and his drug addictions contributed to a drastic decline in the guitarist’s health. 507 more words


Koss and Free - Opher's World pays tribute to genius.

Koss was simply one of the nicest guys I ever met on the London Underground Scene. Whenever I think of him I always think of the big warm grin he gave me when I was backstage at a London Pub gig in around 1970. 398 more words


This blog sponsored by…

I’m going to shamelessly plug some products/brands in this blog. Because I want to.

Actually, this was brought on by buying like seven pairs of headphones at the Moscow Walmart because they don’t have these headphones in Canada and they’re my absolute favorite. 556 more words


Decision 2015: in Koss everybody wins

In Koss we have good news for both parties, for the first time. In fact, it’s an historical result for the New Socialist Party that wins a third Governor for the upcoming legislature. 137 more words

Decision 2015

KILLSHOTS with Dave Koss Programs

As indispensable studio headphones, the MV1s’ closed cushions seal around the ear, hold sound in and lock noise out. That isolation not only is important for focus on working and for hearing the entire frequency range without turning the volume way upbut also is further strengthen by the headband that is made of steel and rubber. 224 more words