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Revisiting Koss "The Plug" Headphones.

by Chu Moy

When I purchased Koss’ “The Plug” canal-type headphones, I was filled with great expectations. Its cousin, the famous Etymotic Canalphones, retailed for over $300 and were prized by many headphone devotees for their acoustic isolation and clarity of reproduction. 6,742 more words

DIY Projects

KWOC | Kharagpur Winter of Code End-Term Report (2k17)

Intro to KWoC :

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online contest organised by the open source community at IIT Kgp to help budding programmers get started in open source and prepare them for competitions like GSoC. 465 more words


Kharagpur Winter of Code (KWoC)

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a month long event organised by Kharagpur Open Source Society (KOSS) in the month of December. The program is meant to introduce students to open source and prepare them for open source events such as Google Summer of Code. 179 more words

KWoC End Term Evaluation.

Kharagpur Winter of Code or KWoC is an open source program for students to develop their technological skills. For newcomers, it’s the perfect platform to pick her or his choice of technology and start working from scratch on a project under a mentor. 251 more words


Daily Review - 29Dec17


Most of the plays were in the weed sector today.  I was feeling pretty tired so spent more time on video lessons and just watched the market instead of trading. 997 more words


Meet our New Associate VP – Sarah Koss

We can hardly wait to introduce you to new PACE team member, Sarah Koss, who is joining our team as an Associate VP of Partner Services and Solutions

Human Hall OF Fame Inducts - John C. Koss

If you’re currently sitting on the train riding the subway (tube for my UK readers) staring at your phone and tuning out the absurdity and mayhem that happens around us daily, then I’m willing to bet that there are headphones spewing absolute fire jams of Lady Gaga into your ear holes at this very moment. 720 more words

Human HOF