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Koss Sportapro Full Review : Cheaper PortaPro, or a Failure?

TL;DR: A great pair of headphones that are really easy to listen to, with a great sound stage, and very comfortable on the ears, except for when the headband is folded back. 613 more words


Factors Koss UR10 Closedear Design Stereo Headphones

You will have to additionally make sure that that the best elements are in place in order that components like the JVC wi-fi stereo headphones… 276 more words

Facts Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone Black

Both the bass and the treble are very clear, for me, one of the most impressive things is that in louder parts of songs, the sound isn’t muddled or cluttered, and you can still hear all the individual elements of the sound clearly. 242 more words

Plans Koss KSC21 SportClip ClipOn Headphones

Can you remember the name K 701? AKG ranks number one in introducing the latest flat wire technology in the field of headphones. The flat wire technology has opened many new vistas, which helps the musician by providing them the current location with pinpoint accuracy. 275 more words

Koss KPH7B Portable OnEar Headphone with Adjustable Headband Blue

So, if you are a music professional then you can likely handle discomfort making for precision. But if you are a casual music fan, then the… 257 more words

Koss PORTABLE Replacement Cushions Methods

The sound quality of the koss MV1 headphones is great and the level of detail is surprising.

What are Floor Cushions?Floor cushions are large cushions… 357 more words

Koss Replacement Cushions For Porta Pro And Sporta port

It’s for decades that koss has been making heavy duty professional studio and broadcasting headphones, and it is fair that their studio phones set the standard for all others. 294 more words