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Karmic Challenge Total Time!!! In Graphic Detail!!!

(Yep I really meant in Graphic Detail Rose)

Maybe for once I’ll let the numbers tell the story, Rose still climbs ever closer to her 500 points of Karmic Nirvana, will she slip up soon? 361 more words


The Karma Challenge - Week 8 (Disaster Strikes!)

In every challenge, there is a moment when the challenger takes on too much and comes crashing down on her karmic arse.

If I get run over now I’ll probably be reincarnated as a lonely witchetty-grub in a camp-ful of hungry indigenous people who’ve signed up for a traditional cuisine challenge with Bear Grylls. 534 more words

The Karma Challenge - Week 7

A Day in the Life Of…

It’s Karma Day! Are YOU feeling karmic, Rose?

I don’t know. What if I don’t pick up another job. They’re sacking people right left and centre here, mostly left though.  595 more words

The Karmic Challenge - Week Five

A jug fills drop by drop.


The Aspiration

To be a better daughter and to stop thinking mean and bitchy thoughts.

The Reality

The more I get into this thing the more I think, what exactly is the point?

521 more words

A funny thing happened on the way to Nirvana..

It’s Good News Week, da de da de da!

Well no actually not in THIS song – BUT – taking a trip around the blogosphere, I’ve realised – der! 387 more words

The Karmic Challenge - Week Three

The Aspiration

To sign up to distribute bandaids in the Congo. Sorry, bad joke. Don’t get offended.

The Excuse

I’ve been working ten hours a day on my novel and on various other writing projects.  542 more words

The Karmic Challenge-Week One!

So this is the end of the first week of being REALLY good.

It’s been hard work.  So far, I have:

BEEN NICE TO STRANGERS! 838 more words