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Aichi Sendou vs Kourin

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Aichi Sendou is one of the greatest card fighters of all time so it’s definitely going to be tough to defeat him. Kourin has some Link Joker units in her deck, but Aichi has been shown to be the stronger fighter while using this clan. 39 more words


Makie lacquer trays.

These are 2 trays I picked up last month. They are thick maki-e and signed with a Korin, 光琳 signature.  尾形光琳 Ogata Korin was a painter who lived in Kyoto during the middle of the Edo period, 1658-1716. 67 more words

Aishiteru - Kourin

Capo 1


C Fm C F G

nee mou sukoshi dake mou sukoshi dake kiiteite hoshii
C F G C… 310 more words


Link Joker-hen Episode 15 (119) Impression

So I enjoyed this episode.  I think I enjoyed the preview even more, as it actually delves into the meat of this season.  This is ironic, as I’m about to say something that contradicts my sentiments just now… I love how they are somehow keeping the show fresh with Daigo randomly spawning and the plays and school festivals and yada, yada… Next episode, we go back to the doldrum tournament format that defines this show.  522 more words

Cardfight!! Vanguard

So I'm Playing Vanguard and it's a blast...(er) or something.

Fuck manascrew, fuck manaflood, fuck infinite combos and drawing 6 cards at the end of your opponents’ turns.  Vanguard, while very narrow in deck customization comparatively, doesn’t have top decking (minimum 2 cards drawn per turn, 3 cards after midgame), no dead cards at all times in your hands, lots of strategy, very fast paced and overall fun without it being ever frustrating.  6 more words

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cardfight Vanguard - Ride 6: The Mysterious Card Shop!

Suggested Title: Let’s Go to the Mall!


I discovered that I didn’t feel like writing about this episode, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be summarizing it for you! 580 more words

Bad Television