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ft. Dress Thèque, KOYO, The Courtneys, Todavia, Biscotti and Methyl Ethel

We couldn’t believe how easy it was to comb through all the new music and find our favourite tracks! Our eclectic mix from the independent artists across the globe are reminders that great music never stops… 288 more words

Weaning Lambs

KOYO - Tetrachromat

Rarely does a debut single exude such confidence as this first foray into the sonic world from Leeds quintet KOYO. A quasi-psychedelic vibe fills the air with such a delightfully shoegazey feel that you’ll be so engrossed in your laces you’ll spot you’ve accidentally missed a loop. 173 more words


Autumn 2016

EN: I guess this does not need any special explanation – autumn colours in Japan are always beautiful and if you mix them with good weather and modern metropolis of Tokyo, the result is always pretty much magical. 84 more words

Fall colors

I have a confession to make:  as lovely as cherry blossoms are (and they are quite lovely), I prefer the vibrant splash of fall leaves more. 347 more words

Japan Travel

Momiji 'Autum-nya Jepang'

Momiji is one of favorite event in autumn in Japan

Musim gugur di Jepang disebut dengan 秋「あき」/aki/ (autumn). Jika di musim semi identik dengan sakura, di musim gugur populer dengan momiji sebagai icon-nya. 127 more words


5 Awesome Travel Destinations for this Fall

In spite of the rain and soggy shoes, there’s something about the fiery colors of fall that make for a spectacular experience. Fall is also the season of Halloween, and Thanksgiving; and that time of year when we start making preparations for Christmas, and then New Years. 588 more words


Radiator Cap Upgrade

I noticed that there would be coolant residue around the neck my radiator so I guess it was time for a new radiator cap. Wasn’t sure which brand to get but settled for a SARD one. 33 more words