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Peace of mind with a new radiator

During my last install segment, when I focused on the intake side of my engine, I failed to mention that I had broke off the over flow nipple on my radiator.   506 more words

Performance Upgrade

ThrowBack:Dating A Lady On WhatsApp Is The Last Thing You Should Do.

This digital waves “haki itatumaliza”.look at what it has done to Koyo, son of the soil. Despite him being a child of universe ,no less than tress and the stars with every right to be where he is, the hot waves could not sympathize with him.Instead,he was sweeped away ,the last time I saw him, he was balancing on one leg trying to regain his firm ground of exuberance. 596 more words


Niko High Niko Maji#FridayOut.

Niko High Niko Maji//

Nimebuy nina Ganji//

We shinda kwa Keeeg,zangu Vodoski//

We shinda kwa keeeg,zangu ni hennesy//

Hizo Malegend nimesip zote ka Petrol//

Niko confident kwa streets ,Afande ,Mi napatrol//. 193 more words


Pain,Pain Ni Nini?

Pain ni Kufanya story Za Kifo daily leo 36 kesho 147//.

Pain ni explicit content kwa radio at seven na watoto wa shule kwa matt,age ni seven//. 263 more words


Koyo vietnam SH-48R1

brand code Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZ-2M Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZ-3M Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZ-4M Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZC Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZS Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-RZV Koyo vietnam TRD-J100-S Koyo vietnam… 195 more words
Kho Hàng

Koyo vietnam 6219CM

brand code Koyo vietnam TRD-J1000-RZS Koyo vietnam TRD-J1000-RZ Koyo vietnam TRD-J200-RZ-1M Koyo vietnam TRD-SH200B Koyo vietnam SH2-64R2 with battery spot Koyo vietnam SN32DR-B1 spot Koyo vietnam… 173 more words
Kho Hàng