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Several hours north of Tokyo lies the town of Nikko, famous for its historic shrines and expansive national park. Already popular with both domestic and international travelers, its attraction skyrockets during the autumn season when the crowds descend in their pursuit of… 860 more words


Tokyo Week 9: In Which We Visit Shinjuku Gyoen and Baby Discovers Grass

Our life in Tokyo has taken on the rhythm of habit and pattern.  We’ve developed little routines living here, ways of going about our day that have become comfortable. 904 more words

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Fall colors in Shikoku.

Couleurs d’automne sur Shikoku.


a flute out of tune

Underneath the moon
Of autumn, my neighbor plays
A flute out of tune.


Art by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka


Koyo 2017 - Yoyogi

EN: Nice weather always makes people happier after typhoon – yap, we had another one over here, but this time not as powerful as Lan. I knew the good weather was upcoming, therefore I booked a day off from my work (I am very happy with my current employment and this is one of the reasons – I am flexible), took my bike and went to have a ride. 186 more words

Rikugien Garden Autumn Illumination 2017

Autumn has descended upon Tokyo. There’s already a palpable chill in the air, and soon enough leaves will change from luxuriant summer colors to the fiery hues of fall. 113 more words


Autumnal Musings in Tokyo

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

Autumn tugs at the heartstrings like no other season can.

No other season inspires nostalgia, longing, or contemplation with as much intensity as autumn does. 301 more words

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