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How to increase the horsepower in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is often seen by many as a tool to reduce the effort of report generation. While the recent BI data mining and discovery tools perform the rudimentary task with consummate ease, there is a greater value that BI provides to an organization. 752 more words


Las paradojas de los indicadores en Distribución

Una golondrina no hace el verano. Gran verdad. Y hasta puede ser muestra que viene el invierno en lugar de la estación más calurosa del año. 898 more words


Oh No, not KPIs again

So most of us have heard of KPIs, some of us even use them, but how many of us make the best use of the information they provide? 440 more words



I got some amazing feedback regarding my last post. Some of them applauded the the idea of not having KPI, whereas some strongly criticised the very thought of an organisation without any KPI. 1,337 more words


Why KPI's both matter and don't matter.

I can see that there is a lot written in the areas around measuring performance and that this cripples a companies’ creativity, that this can suffocate a company. 619 more words


Measuring What Matters (the missing piece)


If you know what a KPI is, give yourself a pat on the back. If you have a balanced scorecard, a visual management system, a dashboard, or some other way to track said KPIs, even better.  584 more words