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KPI New:Return Ratio

One of the KPIs (key performance indicators) mentioned above is the ratio of Return to New patients. While it is named New:Return ratio in the KPI metadata, the ratio reported is the ratio between Return and New patients. 486 more words


Key Performance Indicators

How does the Health Service check if the different regions and hospitals are performing to expectations, and if the state of the health system is improving (or not)? 452 more words


How to Choose a Social KPI

Every social media marketer should set clear goals to work towards on each campaign, this will allow them to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Below is a useful guide on how to choose a social key performance indicator for each goal.

KPI's and Pocket Protectors

The best business leaders in the world are able to filter through thousands of details and demands on any given day and know which is most important for them to spend their limited time focusing on. 1,171 more words

Search for #Wisdom, never stop at #Information …

Nowadays, with the dawn of Ultra-Speed Era, information is no longer owned. The world is, as they say, but a small village with the evolving internet and information technologies that are now in the hands of common and even uneducated people… 336 more words


The eternal question, what is the ultimate warehouse design?

I have seen a lot of articles on LinkedIn regarding warehouse design. I have noticed that many people claim that they know the ultimate design. They also mention a lot of principles you should use when you make the layout in the warehouse. 690 more words