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On Project Success - Why Traditional KPIs are not enough


Something is amiss in Project Management Land and it’s not the usual “Traditional PM vs. Agile PM” squabble. It’s a lot more fundamental as it goes to the core of every project: 811 more words


It's None of Your Business

The word ‘business’ seems ubiquitous. We have ‘show’ business the ‘music’ business, agri-business, actual business and so on. But what do we really mean by business? 1,194 more words

Successful Airports Use Key Metrics To Improve Reports

In my last post, I wrote about the key to improving productivity and accuracy of data by integrating your accounting system with other airport systems by using a multidimensional accounting system like… 774 more words

Accounting Software

Changing data behavior through KPIs

More and more companies are investing in data intensive programs – such as Customer Experience Management and Advanced Analytics – as they seek to use data to differentiate and achieve corporate goals such as creating new revenue streams, reducing churn or shutting down unprofitable product lines or channels. 345 more words

Data Quality

Data at Your Fingertips: How to Design a Dashboard

Data dashboards are a way to represent large amounts of data in a condensed and visual manner. A dashboard typically consists of widgets or reportlets. Each of widgets includes one or several KPIs, supplemented by graphs, small data tables, etc. 520 more words

Conversion Optimisation

Conference Conversations: Measure for Measure

One of the interesting discussions I had at the Patient First Conference this year was around measurement. There is a real kick back against tick boxes, for obvious reasons. 627 more words

5.Modelowanie (Model)

Etap 3. Modelowanie produktu (Model)

Cel: Celem tego etapu jest zdefiniowanie działania produktu poprzez opracowanie logiki i szkiców rozwiązania.

kompetencje / know how

  • umiejętność rysowania diagramów logicznych i przyczynowo-skutkowych…
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