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Someone asked me this the other day

Seriously, life work balance is dead important! Love the process at ur job as it’s a hobby. If you don’t like ur current hobby, start looking for one… 😊

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Look Twice Before You Cross that Road

A quick Google search or a read through the latest business book can turn up a myriad of ideas and promises for improving your team’s performance through work environment changes and tech snake-oil, … 378 more words


A Incomplete Guide to Key Performance Indicators

Bout time that i got something new up,

Below is a (very) incomplete list of key metrics/performance indicators (as the title suggests) for the few industries which i feel comfortable enough to speak on. 53 more words


The Seven Deadly Key Performance Indicators for Blogging

Maybe? In my last blog, I wrote about how Google Analytics can help bloggers understand their traffic and I briefly mentioned Key Performance Indicators as a means to cherry pick important metrics in order to drive forward your particular web site goals depending on what sort of e-business you are. 439 more words


Bow Power: Our retail service KPI of the year

Customer service is visible and measurable, at least in Japan’s retail sector. The country has been known for its service culture for many years, and its retail salespeople stand out compared to their counterparts in other countries. 174 more words


Spirit Level

Metrics. Metrics. Metrics.

The word is thrown around with reckless abandon nowadays. A bit like guacamole for business; nobody is quite certain what it is. 372 more words