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OCTOBER 15, 1980 (“The Power of the Human Mind”)


I know what happened.


along the trail of Time

the Power of the Human Mind

frightened me.

Instead of contributing,

I turned and ran. 142 more words


OCTOBER 14, 1980 (“Responsibility”)


Who gets the blame

when the flame of judgment

burns to cinders?


Who clears these ashes away?



is like a thief

who steals in one night… 89 more words


OCTOBER 13, 1980 (“Sharp Dreams”)


I dreamt last night

in fever sweat

my mother

had breast cancer.


I dreamt last night

the breast that suckled me

was cancerous tissue. 78 more words


OCTOBER 12, 1980 (“Low Tide”)


The backwash of inspiration

leaves me

uncertain I’m alive.


If it weren’t for this

persistent physical pain,

I would call the matter


 the toss of a coin. 74 more words


OCTOBER 11, 1980 (“Zen Punkism vs. Christianity”)


Well not ME sister!

I don’t run on guilt!

I am under the spell of neither

Darth Vader

nor Luke Skywalker.

I am not trapped… 113 more words


OCTOBER 10, 1980 (“The Bubble of Progress”)


Punching out

at this elastic bubble

that envelops me-


is illusive at best.


This bubble will not be torn!


I find, I fear… 119 more words


OCTOBER 9, 1980 (“The Sky Above the Precipice”)



at that intersection

of Faith and Reality-

all mobility is paralyzed,

that I might more fully

savor the moment.


At this crosscut canal… 98 more words