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8: To the Dunes of Kpli (3)

The third test loomed like the crimson horizon swelled. My trepidation solidified like a stone in my person.

Not-Ajand limped as if weak, but founded me a well. 132 more words


7: To the Dunes of Kpli (2)

In the valley of lovers, I ventured only under starry night. The cacti were my cups, their spines stabbing my palms.

Of my truths, I had not thought, but brooded in dull fright. 134 more words


6: To the Dunes of Kpli (1)

“Intense,” she said, insisting I was neither good, nor bad. She left soon after, but I never forgot Ajand.

Kpli called me, as it calls us all, and I went glad. 113 more words