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[Special] LOOΠΔ Predebut Solo Song Reviews – Part 4

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post). To help shorten the length, the music video will be inserted as hyperlinked titles, so feel free to click the title of each section to watch the video. 1,025 more words


Out With the Old

It’s a good thing that I started my “project downsizing” earlier this year because I still have miles to go. Tonight is garbage night so the kids and I got a good start to cleaning out the garage. 541 more words


Schedule for the Summer

こんにちは! Hello everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I finished another semester of college not too long ago. This past semester was incredibly stressful and I’m glad it’s over with. 220 more words


Mental Illness in Kpop

“I’m broken on the inside. The depression that slowly gnawed away at me eventually devoured me.”

Image from @SHINee on Twitter of Jonghyun during one of his solo concerts… 672 more words

Ten MONSTA X Songs To Prepare You For Their World Tour

The days leading up to MONSTA X‘s World Tour are passing by quickly, and before you know it, the big day will be here! The boys will be coming to the U.S. 146 more words


냉장고를 부탁해 아이돌 편 워너원 강다니엘,옹성우 구구단 세정,나영 편 1/2 Take Good Care of the Fridge : Wanna One, Gugudan

 안녕하세요, 셰프 라이언입니다. 원래 예전의 저는 쉬는 날이 되면 운동을 하거나 드라이브를 하거나 이것저것 뭐라도 하려고 많이 하는 편이었는데요, 이제는 하루종일 서서 일을 하다 보니 쉬는 날이 되면 무조건 거실 소파에 누워 티비를 켜놓고 하루종일 안정(?)을 취하는 게 휴일의 일상적인 모습이 되어 버렸네요.


Song Spotlight: Monsta X's Fighter

When I want to get pumped up Monsta X is the go to group. I get excited when I hear them. I sing their songs a little too loud and dance a little too hard, but it’s all in good fun. 209 more words