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Lee Hyun & Park Boram - Pretty Bae

Lee Hyun of 8eight and Park Boram have teamed up on a track that might just have a few people out there nodding their heads in agreement (once they read the lyrics).  374 more words



Since I once was such a big fan of NU’EST (well.. Ren) I’ve known about Seventeen since the very beginning. Seems like they are actually going to debut now… And I wouldn’t have bothered posting anything if it hadn’t been for one member catching my attention. Jeonghan. So pretty! 


[ENG SUBS] Mnet SIXTEEN Episode 2

Special thanks to JE Park for subbing


*Turn on cc*

I can’t believe it took me this long to find it. Better late than never. 19 more words


THE ARK – THE LIGHT (빛) lyrics with Hangul/Romanization/Indonesian/English Translate

Hii readers……
Wohohoohohoho now i like this group
Girl Group

Yeah somebody for life, yeah, here we go.
항상 난 홀로 살아 가려고 했어 1,107 more words


[MV Review] EXID 'Ah Yeah!'

I recently discovered EXID probably a month ago after hearing talks about their upcoming comeback which is ‘Ah Yeah’ and I thought they were just some nobody rookies but after hearing the song ‘Up and Down’ three times, the songs is actually really catchy and excellent, especially the chorus. 270 more words


Beautiful Stranger - F(x)

Beautiful Stranger (5) – F(x) (32)

–– – – . – – –– ‘ –– – – . – – –– ‘ –– – – .  48 more words


No Other - Super Junior

No Other (1) – Super Junior (2)

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