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Song Review: Unicorn - Blink Blink

Call me a bad k-pop fan, but I had absolutely no idea that there was even a group called Unicorn. I kind of love it, though. 259 more words


Misteri- Hate You

Hyejeong Nadia Yaz Kate Sunny

I hate you I really hate you
I hate you But I love you~

niga eoneu sunganbuteo nan neomu sirheojyeosseo… 329 more words


Bingsoo Mix Vol. 3: 2016 Is The Year of the Single Album

Noisey hailed K-Pop in 2015 as the year of the full length. This is totally true with masterpieces such as Wonder Girls’ Reboot, f(x)’s 4 Walls, SHINee’s Odd, Red Velvet’s The Red, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Basic which showed that overcoming the challenges surrounding an LP release can be hurdled over with the right combination of picking excellent material and a maintaining a strong commitment to the concept that it wants to achieve. 1,011 more words


We’re just sad clowns,
tamed and scripted,
I’ve come too far,
I’m coming home,
I wanna go back
To when I was young.

– BIG BANG, … 3,466 more words


Song Review: NCT 127 - Taste The Feeling

With NCT 127’s Taste the Feeling, SM Station has given us a song with a purpose, though it might be kind of a silly one. 305 more words


Top 10 Prettiest Girls in Kpop (My list)

Here is my list of the prettiest girls in Kpop. It is solely my opinion, so do not feel upset if your favorite is not on the list :) . 57 more words