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[KQED] Drought Could Help Reveal Secrets of Sierra’s Origins

A few miles northeast of Fresno, Chris Pluhar walks through a field pockmarked with little holes. It’s dry, scrubby and surrounded by rolling brown hills. You’d never know that in a normal year, where he’s standing would be under 20 feet of water. 108 more words


[KQED] Big Think: Farmworkers Should Own Part of the Farm

If you’re a foodie, at some point you’ve probably signed up to get a fresh veggie box delivered from a local farm. You know, the kind that has organic carrots, juicy tomatoes and sometimes a weird root like a kohlrabi or rutabaga thrown in. 57 more words


Word to the Word: Books for the People

By Lakshmi Sarah NOVEMBER 9, 2015

This article originally appeared in KQED Arts

Remember Howard Zinn? The historian, activist and playwright died in 2010, but he left behind a powerful legacy — a way of thinking, writing and being that encourages people to think beyond the dominant narratives. 693 more words


Women’s Film Forum, Vol. 2

The early dawning sun on the women’s building : West Mission, San Francisco (2014) (Torbak Hopper)

Impact Hub Oakland

November 4 – November 6

This article originally appeared in KQED. 162 more words


Five Reasons to See This Year’s South Asian Film Festival

Still from Tanuj Chopra’s ‘Brown Girl Stoner Film’ (working title). (Courtesy: Chops Films)

By Lakshmi Sarah OCTOBER 23, 2015

This article originally appeared in KQED Arts… 917 more words


Press: 2x2 Solos at Pro Arts

Recent press on the show I curated at Pro Arts…


Layers of Paint Transform Everyday Objects at Pro Arts

By Sarah Hotchkiss | OCTOBER 12, 2015 |  598 more words