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Play the Roles - the KRAs

One of the most simple life habits I can think of is just playing the role we are supposed to, with our 100%. In our lives, we get ourselves burdened by trying to play so many roles so many times.   521 more words

Deadline Monster


Friday 30th June 2017 at 11: 59pm, I kuwad Mkenya mtrue. I file my tax returns and they send me an acknowledgement via email. I breathe a sigh of relief. 2,167 more words


taxman's accountability.

Hey Taxpayers,

I hope the tax literacy series  has been insightful .As promised i will be sharing on the taxman’s  accountability as well  as shedding light on 2 key pointers  that are key in minimizing your tax liability . 1,051 more words


Tax guide for Kenyan expats

Working in Kenya places you at the heart of the African economy. When you find employment or start a business in Kenya, there are some things to keep in mind. 634 more words


 Tax plan

The latest edition of the Paying Taxes report indicates that on average, it takes a company in Kenya 202 hours to comply with its taxes which involves 30 payments ; that’s around 10 days!So if  it seems like you’re spending more and more time each year thinking about and filing taxes, you’re not alone.Not to scare you, but you have just less than 2 weeks to get your taxes filed. 1,057 more words


The Tax Talk

Tax Day is just around the corner,  and we all know how we  millennials love the last-minute rush . According to a a recent survey… 1,007 more words