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Vintage RT: Spring Goth

This retrotransmission episode is inspired by the schizophrenic weather of early spring, when its warm and sunny one day, then cool, damp, raining, and grey the next. 70 more words


Artist of the Week - William Orbit

Time now for another of our archive Artist of the Week features, dating back to early 2005. Some of these do contain errors, and probably contain some plagiarism too. 341 more words


Whistle While You Kraftwerk

As a kid, I did all my homework while watching TV — usually Star Trek reruns
— much to the chagrin of my parents.  During my college days, I graduated to listening to music while I worked on my physics and math problems. 336 more words


794. radioland

“If machines have souls, then Kraftwerk would be holy men, working the metaphysical grey area between them and us, coaxing forth the magic therein. Or something like that. 35 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

On Dogs, Depression, and Rickie Lee Jones

I used to have a dog named Domini when I was a child who licked my face every time I cried. When I was home sick from school, she’d lie at the end of the bed and keep watch until I was better. 586 more words

Dog Personalities

29th March 2017: Kraftwerk - Die Roboter

Kraftwerk – Die Roboter
Language – German

No need for a translation, these are Pop Music’s original robots! A total classic, which we’ve all heard before, but this performance is a gem. 38 more words