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Day 0039: Kraftwerk - Neon Lights

Artist: Kraftwerk
Song; Neon Lights
Album: The Man-Machine (1978)

ARGH! I knew it had to happen someday, but yesterday I missed doing a daily update for the first time ever! 333 more words



“More power”

Jeremy Clarkson

While I am no Luddite, I have never tended to carry much in the way of electrical equipment with me on hikes. 540 more words



So. Obviously, this isn’t about playing guitars. And the video is in german. Get with it. I’m totally fascinated with analog, modular synthesizers. 90 more words


Raspberry Pi on the catwalk

Anyone who knows Arkwood, my Belgian chum, will tell you that he is a sexist pig. So it came as no surprise when he told me, ‘I have a ticket to a fashion show. 889 more words


Moog And More

First of all, so your mind can read it right, the name, Moog, is pronounced with a long “O” sound. Think “oh” not “zoo”. Robert Moog was of Dutch ancestry, and he prefered the “oh” pronunciation. 824 more words

Cultural Highlights

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Ah yes, OMD! The band who emerged from a Liverpool telephone box and essentially went on to invent the entirety of electronic music. Or so they’re fond of telling us in interviews, anyway. 746 more words


On a Dream ticket: Interview with the Juan MacLean

THIS may be jumping the gun a bit, but when everyone’s making end of 2014 lists, we reckon The Juan MacLean’s A Place Called Space should be up there as one of the tracks of the year. 859 more words