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Thee Oh Sees, a Patriotic-Sounding Garage Band

Anyone who has been fortunate enuf to receive one of my genius mixes knows that I got it going on gleaning the new and old from the present and past (not at all modest).  454 more words



Anytime someone says autobahn, admittedly it’s not the commonest occurrence but it does happen (especailly after blasting for 2 hours in the wrong direction on a recent trip to Germany), I am overcome with only one thought, electronic krautrock. 217 more words


Song of the day - Kraftwerk 'THE TELEPHONE CALL'

Kraftwerk’s ‘The Telephone Call’ is one of my fav Kraftwerk songs. It came out in 1987. I fell in love with the sounds of Kraftwerk at a young age after discovering their classic ‘Trans Europe Express.’ I got my hands on as many Kraftwerk CDs as I could and listened to them all over and over again. 78 more words


New International Electromatics Tracks!

Two new tracks by International Electromatics the dystopian EBM project I am providing lyrics for with synthesiser virtuoso Richard Cook now on SoundCloud. Well worth a listen if you like dark electronic music! 8 more words


Beep Boop: Electronica with Cameron

Alexander: Hi Cameron, it’s good to be back and writing again, and this time I wanted to discuss electronica, techno, and other electronically synthesized styles of music which have become popular since the introduction of various modulators and synthesizers to recording artists in the 70s and 80s. 1,883 more words




Song from a concept album exploring themes of broadcast communications, Radio-Activity marked Kraftwerk’s return to more obtuse territory, extensively utilizing static, oscillators, and even Cage-like moments of silence to approximate the sense of radio transmission; a pivotal record in the group’s continuing development, the title track — the first they ever recorded in English — is their most fully realized electro-pop effort to date, while “The Voice of Energy” precipitates the robot voice so crucial to their subsequent work.