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Cross-Playing For Beginners

Cross-Play; Dressing as a character who’s gender you do not identify with. (A.E. You identify as a female, and you cosplay as Cloud from Final Fantasy.) 678 more words


Nothings Stopping you!

There is a lot of public shaming out there. Media, Movies, TV shows almost everything we look at always telling us too be one way. But guess what, that is not how life is. 380 more words


2016 Election Season Kraken Analogy

I am going to use an analogy to explain why I am so excited about Bernie Sanders.

This is what the election season looks like to me so far: 182 more words

Matching Eyebrows

So naturally eyebrows do not come in orange, blues or even pinks. But matching brown eyebrows too a wig that is yellow does not look very nice. 146 more words


Cons And Kids

First off I want to point out I, myself, do not have children. But I am not inexperanced. I have over 29 younger cousins, most I’ve babysat many times or helped out with. 571 more words


Tangled Wigs

Tangled wigs are no fun, at all. And if you are too rough you’ll just yank out the fibers.

At first you may be thinking, oh it should be easy, … 134 more words