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Finished Friday: Knitted Giant Squid

Here’s a giant squid (aka kraken) to add to my collect of strange knitted stuff (which already includes the Loch Ness monster, an octopus… 247 more words

Kit Dunsmore Writer

Commercial Breaks

People have been fascinated by that which they don’t understand since the beginning of time; it’s simply human nature to want to solve problems and figure out the processes behind how things work. 453 more words


Evolve Animation + Game Dev Reel!

Here’s my Evolve reel and my attempt at trying to summarize the past 4 years of work.  Got it down to 11.5 minutes…yeeesh.  Hope you like it! 74 more words

Perseus and Andromeda

Cassiopeia the Queen
She was the very beautiful queen of ancient Ethiopia. By all accounts men were mesmerized by her perfectly chiseled features, like she had really nice thighs and stuff. 1,708 more words


Kraken, China Mieville

Billy Harrow is an ordinary squidologist working in the Natural History Museum in London when their giant squid vanishes.  Before he knows what is happening Billy is being hunted through London by a whole range of cults, people with magical powers and some of the most evil assassins known to humanity who all believe, erroneously, that he is some sort of squidly messiah.   433 more words


Creatures you may encounter on your voyage

After countless years of colonisation we, Britain (uk), has lost myth and legend where we have become such a multicultural place; through invasion and colonising to migration. 208 more words

Francesca Mitchell

Rugby, Kraken and Cops! Oh my!

Hello earthlings.

I have returned to the planet, from my stay in an unnamed location. I enjoyed my stay there but I do wish to tell you all about what happened to me this week. 814 more words