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Thor vs Kraken

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The Kraken is a powerful monster that is said to be just about unstoppable. Well, he ultimately was stopped and by a foe who was much weaker than Thor. 40 more words


To octopus or not ?

I love octopuses but i would not go to the ocean and hunt the Kraken today :) Although they are pretty cool . They can change their color ,camouflage and sit still for hours hinting  their pray . 156 more words


Leviathan — An Alternative Perspective of Biblical Catastrophism

Much speculation surrounds the reference to “Leviathan” in Biblical Literature. Generally speaking, it is interpreted as referring to a prominent sea-dwelling creature that inhabits the depths of the world’s oceans. 7,484 more words

Spiritual Insights

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day 13: Fantasy Squad - Kelpie and The Kraken

You get a two for one deal again today because, although I’d planned on kelpies, you know I can’t resist delving into a little myth and the Kraken is a particularly scary beast! 449 more words


Martha Washington's Rum Punch

I recently threw a party and didn’t want to be tending bar the whole time, so decided to try a few punch recipes. The party was presidentially themed, so inspiration came from a friend sending me a… 170 more words