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Goodness Gracious Great Walls of Fire šŸ”„

We arrived at Valley of the Fire State Park in Overton, Nevada just as the sun began to scorch the sandstone walls that border the ravine where the campsites are burrowed. 313 more words


Review: Sunless Sea

I acquiredĀ Sunless Sea by impulseĀ as soon as I heard it was a “story-driven roguelike”. I had heard of it before as a “lovecraftian ship navigation simulator”. 460 more words


Mini Ficction 1 Kraken

–When I have a long day/week, Iā€™m usually super tired to really write something cool, but i still want to write something for the blog. So i had the idea to write Mini fictions, like short stories that are only a couple sentences long. 142 more words


Evolve Review

A game about evolution not only from the monsters perspective, but actually more the evolution of the player himself, learn from previous encounters and become more than human, Evolve requires the best of you and you should become the best you. 1,450 more words

Game Review

M a r i n e @ Prince Albert, Stroud (17.02.15)

Not often you see a mermaid these days, let alone four at once – and on top of Rodborough Hill?

Marine have arrived…

The aquatically fixated Londoners are at The Prince Albert at the start of their promotional tour for the upcoming release of their debut EP, catchily titled ‘EP1′. 501 more words


Main Course: Evolve

The power! The fucking power! Fear me ants mwhahahaha. The feeling of omnipotence you inherit as a monster is tremendous, if played smart. That’s a big if. 1,099 more words