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Kraken Island - Eric S. Brown

Mr. Brown’s rendition of the ancient creature of the deep was straight out of classic monster movie folklore. A band of cultists decide to start digging into science and history that would be best left alone, and GASP, the monster breaks out of their control to bring on the apocalypse. 186 more words


Page 18 : Release the Kraken

For the past month, someones’ been bypassing me at work, in everything ! but i’m usually a cold blooded person, so i let it pass for a whole month, but then it turns out he was having fun, by doing so. 24 more words


Kraken Surprise

Nothing like a good ole’ giant off screen murder squid that you’re powerless to defend against to start your day.

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The Quest

The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.

The Quest

Sir Duncan eyed the pier, the last leg of the dangerous quest. 108 more words