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Gaming on a budget – The Challenge (Part 4)

So as part of my “Gaming on a Budget” series of articles Im going to be attempting to buy, within my budget, and paint some miniatures every month allowing me to get involved in a new game.   377 more words

Fisherman suffering seizures evacuated by NSRI St Francis

A 40 year-old chokka fisherman suffering seizures was casualty evacuated from a boat by NSRI St Francis Bay and taken to hospital yesterday.

The Jeffreys Bay man, who suffers from epilepsy, was on board the fishing boat, … 159 more words

Razor Coast #28: The Necromancer's Crypt

29th day of Rova, 4713 AR

Our favorite grippli monk, Rukus, relates our heroes’ foray deeper into the necromancer Tarath-Vreen’s crypt beneath Port Shaw, where they attempt to stamp out an ancient menace… 695 more words


Evolve Review (2015 Xbox One)

Evolve Review

Evolve is a new multiplayer only game from the creators of Left for Dead.  IT is a 4-vs-1 arena-style competitive multiplayer.  One player plays as the monster while the other four players play as hunters.   1,338 more words

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100 Days of Comics Challenge: Day 16

Ever hear of the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon? Now you have. The synopsis is that it basically gives you, as an artist, permission to use past works of art as influence, reference or ideas to optimize or enhance your own work. 154 more words

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Children's Wall Art: Lady Kraken

Just for fun, in the car, on a long trip. Why should Mr. Kraken get all the fame?

Any thoughts on improvements?

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