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October in Japan is the month where the Japanese people say the Autumn appetite begins. In general, the Japanese people are foodies and this is evident in the amount of TV programs that are dedicated to the preparation, making and eating of a variety of foods. 425 more words


Cetus - the whale

Cetus is a constellation that represents a whale. Remember “cetology” is the study of whales and dolphins and porpoises. The association between these stars and a whale goes way back. 404 more words


Poem #139

Thank You, I Do Not Remember
Dearest Kay,

What magic did you put into my drinks, when
mixing one part Kraken,
one part butterscotch schnapps, splashed… 313 more words


Day 4: Underwater

Dark things lurk down there, in the unknown, watching, waiting, ready to gobble you up whole.

PITT artist pens + Stephens Black indian ink dilute with 3 parts water.

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The Kraken — MNBernard Books

A big thanks to Melanie from “MNBernard Books” for the opportunity to write this guest post on her blog. You should follow her for great discussions on writing, books (especially YA literature) and some insightful reviews.

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Guest Post

The Kraken

When it comes to horrific creatures, few evoke as many nightmarish visions as the Kraken.

The Kraken sits at or near the top of the cryptozoological food chain. 554 more words