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Killing Private Kraut: How ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Promotes War Crimes


This is a detailed study of the demonization of Germans and promotion of POW executions in Saving Private Ryan.

Renegade Editor’s Note: Rob Ager is definitely not a National Socialist, and does not seem to know the truth about the “Holocaust”, but he does a good job with his film analysis. 10 more words

Dead Sea Apes: Spectral Domain LP (purple)

Have to admit that it took way too long time to purchase this one, latest full-length from Dead Sea Apes. Been listening to this band three years now and finally, I can say that I have every vinyl release from them added to my collection.. 63 more words


The little dog laughed radio #30 tonight

Tonight, thursday, 24th. nov. 22 – 24 pm cet

(new starting time & two full hours)

the little dog laughed radio # 30

http://www.piradio.de oder 88.4 fm (Berlin) 90.7 Potsdam… 131 more words

Braised Sausages and Balsamic Cabbage with Sage Butter Potatoes

Amidst the daily flurry of duties and obligations – there is a breath. A single breath, one which I remember to take and suddenly my own consciousness comes back to me. 817 more words


Homemade Sauerkraut

This past summer we grew three large cabbages.  I planted four but at the end of the season we had a rainy spell and one ended up rotting from the inside out.  926 more words


Dead Sea Apes: Soy Dios 12"

Latest vinyl record from Dead Sea Apes, twelve-inch called “Soy Dios”, and for your information this is a reissue of their CDr from 2010. I bought this one some time ago and have been listening this a lot lately. 89 more words


Mahler Haze – Psithurism

(Personal Archives, 2016)

With Psithurism – literally the rustling of trees or leaves – Belgium-based sound artist Mahler Haze (or Malegys, the name from which the phonetic “Mahler Haze” derives) achieves the improbable marriage of rural isolation and environmental placement within the context of his mission statement: the discovery of cosmic connections and occult insights through explorations via sound with a basis in the 1970s German synthesizer and prog movements (read: Ash Ra Temple, Cluster, Deuter, Neu!, Harmonia, etc.). 543 more words