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Woodsplitter - Journey Into Krautrock (self - 2017)

———Woodsplitter is Ben McLeod from Nashville, TN, aka guitar and vocals of All Them Witches and is an extremely interesting instrumental solo-project, this is a real Woodsplitter. 80 more words


Wucan - Reap The Storm (Hänsel & Gretel / MIG - 2017)

———German based Wucan is Francis (vocals, flute, guitar), Tim (guitar), Patrik (bass), Ollie (drums), they play a solid hard rock with clear prog/kraut influences.

———Guitar sound is really weird sometimes, it seems that its ampli is damaged, but interesting. 140 more words


Electric Orange - EOXXV (Adansonia/Studio Fleisch 2017)

———New studio album for the german Electric Orange, it is a 25th anniversary release as triple vinyl (!) 25 albums, then 7 live and a couple of eps can’t be a coincidence. 144 more words


Void Generator - Prodromi (Phonosphera 2017)

———Void Generator from Rome are back since Supersound (2014) with a different platter. Prodromi is a real free rehearsal impro recorded by only a mic, the audio quality is not really the best indeed, but the feel is very good. 97 more words


Lamagaia - Lamagaia (Cardinal Fuzz - 2017)

———Lamagaia are from Gothenburg, Sweden, this is their first full-lenght in vein of Papir, Causa Sui or something like kosmische kraut, space… 90 more words


Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Passage To Agartha (Cardinal Fuzz - 2017)

———Aussie HWCT, aka Ben Matthews (drums), Toby Matthews (guitar) made excellent stuff years ago with Gary Arce (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man) but not this time. 88 more words


Squadra Omega - Nervoso (Holidays - 2017)

———Squadra Omega are: OmegaMatt – guitar, organ,sax, electronics, OmegaG8 – bass, electronics OmegaFranky – drums, percussions, from Italy.

———Their psych/avant/kraut rock collective is devoted to free improvisation, as they states. 61 more words