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Circle / Pharoah Overlord

It’s because I love you so much that I’m going to tell you about Circle AND Pharoah Overlord.

I know it quite beggars the belief, but it seems that… 461 more words

Hey Colossus

SONG OF THE DAY Hey Colossus - Hop The Railings

Hey Colossus have recently announced their second album of the year, Radio Static High, and shared the single “Hop The Railings”.  The London/Somerset 6-piece released their highly rated… 209 more words


[Tribute] - 'Memories of Tomorrow' (1997-2015)

As a listener to the Musique du Monde series of mixes would probably guess, two of my favorite contemporary bands are Stereolab and Broadcast, both because their music is wonderful, but also because it’s through them that I discovered things like the United States of America and White Noise and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Serge Gainsbourg, and on to David Axelrod and Placebo and library music and Italian/German/French/UK/Czech soundtracks and. 715 more words


773. Tago Mago - Can


Brief Background: Can is a German Krautrock (originally a term for German electronic bands and then used for all German rock bands) band. They are all German except for singer Damo Suzuki who is from Japan.  339 more words


This new album was released in conjunction with the We Are All Ghosts netlabel. Merx and Jacobs are two very experienced ambient/electronic musicians. For this album they came up with an interesting concept, and god knows electronic music sometimes needs that so it’s not just a soundalike bunch of synthy things sounding pretty (I am as guilty of making such music as anyone). 320 more words


#223: Autobahn - Ulcer

‘full breath as life just decays’

We wandered over to Rough Trade last night in the hope of watching Haiku Salut play (advertised for 7pm). 8pm rolled around and there was no sign of anything happening, so we wandered away again. 70 more words