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Föllakzoid - III

It seems that the approach of the Chilean krautrockers Föllakzoid is entirely different from their fellow countrymen The Holydrug Couple: while the latter welcome the year 2015 with vaguely psychedelic indie rock homages, the members of Föllakzoid follow the rounded-edges kraut dream of Finnish legends Circle or the whole catalog of techno producers, reducing their vision of psychedelic rock to a rhythm driven space travel that leaves much space, both for guitar effects and for the meditation factor to kick in, especially when you’re driving high on the highway and looking for some good music to zone out, but no to fall asleep, to. Recommended!

Can - Vitamin C (1972)

There is a live video of the band performing the song on youtube (click here). But I wanted to post the original recording because it’s genius.

Can - Turtles have short legs (1971)

Can was a West German band formed in 1968. Their unique sound was progressive and experimental. “Turtles have short legs” was probably one of their most mainstream songs.

Review: Looks By Prettiest Eyes

Review: On paper Prettiest Eyes seems like a band that is full of uniqueness. The California three piece is composed of a drummer/vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist and with this line up the band attempts to make punk inspired psychedelic krautrock. 93 more words


New track! "The Sea Song".

Music: Radu Rușanu, A.J. Kaufmann. Words: A.J. Kaufmann.

A.J. Kaufmann – vocals, guitars.
Radu Rușanu – keyboards, lead guitar.

Enjoy the waves.

A.j. Kaufmann


“Beam myself into the future”

Needing to choose a CD for an album-length child-accompanied drive across the Melbourne suburbs, I pulled out Kraftwerk’s Computer World… 1,170 more words

Particular Platters