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Avs_Silvester - Collection of fantasies

Artist: Avs_Silvester
title: Collection of fantasies
keywords: progressive rock,progressive, experimental,instrumental,rock,krautrock,post-metal,psychedelic,stoner,

Soundtracks to the short stories from LJ-contest “Command Kolfan” (authors collective: barabulkin, avs_silvester, niels_walter_b, lady_taell и tige_elf). 402 more words


Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand - Joyride

(WKN, 2015)

If you need introductions to the music of Albin Julius and Der Blutharsch, you should check out my review of his previous EP “Sous l’Arbre De Science”, as well as my interview with the man, from the pages of this very emag/blog. 749 more words


Amon Düül - Singvögel Rückwärts

Classic slice of caveman avant-rock from THE original Krautrockers. This is from Collapsing; which, whilst being their official 2nd album, was just one of the three that resulted from one incredibly psychedelic weekend in 1968.


Annexus Quam - Osmose III

Annexus Quam’s first album was 1970’s ‘Osmose’, and hit the spot where other Kraut fusion albums failed to (think Xhol Caravan, Out Of Focus, etc). It wasn’t like Can or Faust (or any of the other ‘top tier’ Kraut acts), and it wasn’t trying to be (this was before Faust). 123 more words


KRAUTROCK : Remembering Dieter Moebius.

Dieter Moebius, known worldwide as one of the Krautrock hero among Kraftwerk, Can, and NEU! just died on 20 July 2015 because of Cancer. He and his colleagues, Roedelius, made an influential album in 1976 called “Sowiesoso”. 67 more words


Turzi - C

Laconically titled “C” by the Versailles based multi-instrumentalist Romain Turzi is the conclusion of the conceptual series of albums, the previous being A (2007) and… 77 more words