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Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Horse Dance

[ Rocket Recordings, 2015 ]

Confession time: I was never a big fan of psychedelia with vocals – I preferred my music to be meandering, trippy and completely wordless. 154 more words

Annexus Quam - Osmose I

Opening track from this Kraut-fusion outfit; from their debut ‘Osmose’ (1970). This slowly builds into a graceful, majestic number. Great album.


Go March: Go March

Look, I don’t want to start out this review in an aggressive tone, but you and me have got to have words. I see you there, looking all smug, banging on about how there are no famous Belgians. 339 more words

Album Reviews

Oren Ambarchi ‎– Sagittarian Domain

Oren Ambarchi began playing jazz in his native Australia in the mid-1980s as a percussionist, active in the free jazz scene in Sydney. At a session he began messing around with a guitar and from then on it has become a staple in his solo releases and live performances. 383 more words

Track Of The Day

Artifacts II

La Dusseldorf – Viva, where krautrock, kosmische musik, elektronische musik meets post-punk. Bowie called La Düsseldorf “the soundtrack of the eighties”



Continuing the early electronic music theme into February. Harmonia Live.