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ROM - Possible Mountain

[ Hausu Mountain, 2016 ]

The duo of Roberto Carlos Lange and Matt Crum, also known as ROM loves their arrangements rhythmical, atmospheric and nearly mathematical, quoting Brian Eno, Jim O’Rourke or Robert Fripp as inspirations.  78 more words

Fujiya & Miyagi - 'Serotonin Rushes'

This track is all about that bass guitar riff. I mean, the Morodian synths, sharp beats and breathy vocals are great too.

But that riff, man. 15 more words

Amon Düül - Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt von Sandosa

The original Amon Düül may have been a ramshackle hippy collective, and the music may be even more ramshackle than one would expect knowing this about the band, but they managed to make music that was pure get-on-your-knees-and-fucking-pray. 30 more words


Kösmonaut - Cobra Force

Artist: Kösmonaut
Title: Cobra Force
keywords: berlin school electronic drone instrumental krautrock tangerine dream Denver

What’s going on? That’s my first, second, middle and end thought when going for the first track on this release. 660 more words

The Cosmic Jokers - Loving Frequencies/Electronic News

Two tracks from Rolf-Ulrich Kaisers Krautrock supergroup (he basically ripped off lots of Ash Ra Tempel sessions and stitched them together without the musicians knowledge). The piano section of Loving Frequencies is really beautiful; and reminiscent of Faust. 20 more words


Horse Lords - Interventions

[ Northern Spy, 2016 ]

Baltimore’s Horse Lords are one of the most uncompromising experimental bands these days, bending the limits of the rock genre with African polyrythms, minimalism and hypnotic repetition, while never losing some its energetic, punk approach.  81 more words

Continuous Play Episode 3

Selected by BiggaBush

01 Faust – No Harm (extr.) (Virgin)

02 The Flock – Uranian Circus (extr.) (CBS)

03 The Brims – Anti Ganja (extr.) (Now Again) 135 more words