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The thrill of the hunt! ...Nope. Still too old for this nonsense.

After going through the bounty of great stuff that was the Kre-O Age of Extinction line, I was happy to read that the new Robots in Disguise… 995 more words


Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation,

While Crosshairs was my favourite of the new Autobots introduced in Age of Extinction, the movie-verse incarnation of Drift was a very close second.  821 more words


Kre-view: Kre-O CityVille Invasion A3247 Haunted Hideaway

Long time no see. Decided to review something appropriate for Halloween. Just happened to have this unopened and thought it was time. This is Kre-O CityVille Invasion Haunted Hideaway. 1,205 more words


gallery: The Goldbug Variations

When I started Building Up to Something a few months ago, I kept my expectations realistic. I hoped that I might earn a couple of views a month, and maybe I would have over a hundred views in a year’s time. 548 more words


How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Christmas

Do you know what today is? Well, if you’re reading this the day that I have posted this post, it is exactly three months until Christmas Day. 937 more words

Celebrations And Festivals

review: Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons Lightning Cannon (A6737)

One of the major advantages that Kre-O has over the other building block brands is its access to Hasbro’s plethora of intellectual properties. Transformers! G.I. Joe! 801 more words


KRE-O Transformers KREON Class of 1985 @ SDCC 2015

Every time I hit Toys’R’Us I find KRE-O toys on the clearance line, so what’s up with all these SDCC Exclusives?  Well, KRE-O last year’s Class of 1984 did very well and minifigs are just too cute!  42 more words