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Loyalty is but a flower in the winds of fear and temptation,

While Crosshairs was my favourite of the new Autobots introduced in Age of Extinction, the movie-verse incarnation of Drift was a very close second.  821 more words


Kre-view: Kre-O CityVille Invasion A3247 Haunted Hideaway

Long time no see. Decided to review something appropriate for Halloween. Just happened to have this unopened and thought it was time. This is Kre-O CityVille Invasion Haunted Hideaway. 1,205 more words


gallery: The Goldbug Variations

When I started Building Up to Something a few months ago, I kept my expectations realistic. I hoped that I might earn a couple of views a month, and maybe I would have over a hundred views in a year’s time. 548 more words


How To Have An Environmentally Friendly Christmas

Do you know what today is? Well, if you’re reading this the day that I have posted this post, it is exactly three months until Christmas Day. 937 more words

Celebrations And Festivals

review: Kre-O Dungeons & Dragons Lightning Cannon (A6737)

One of the major advantages that Kre-O has over the other building block brands is its access to Hasbro’s plethora of intellectual properties. Transformers! G.I. Joe! 801 more words


KRE-O Transformers KREON Class of 1985 @ SDCC 2015

Every time I hit Toys’R’Us I find KRE-O toys on the clearance line, so what’s up with all these SDCC Exclusives?  Well, KRE-O last year’s Class of 1984 did very well and minifigs are just too cute!  42 more words


Return of Sharkticon week

I’m just going to go ahead and reblog Poolshark from last year incase I don’t have time to create new images.