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Isn’t that Just Bad English? Tok Pisin Explained

For those who want to know what my newest language project is, have a look at this video:

This is the creation story in the Book of Genesis, as related in Tok Pisin, one of Papua New Guinea’s national languages. 824 more words


How translation makes a difference in managing the Ebola outbreak

The following post was kindly prepared by Indigo grantee, Translators without Borders.

The current Ebola outbreak has highlighted the importance of communicating with communities in languages that they understand.  686 more words


A Cultural Post

One of my favorite parts of experiencing Sierra Leone was the instant immersion into the languages, both tribal and Krio. Two hours a day we practiced with our LCFs (Language and Cultural Facilitators) and our host families were only supposed to communicate with us in Krio. 221 more words


God's Love (KRIO: Bible NT)

KRIO: Bible NT

John (Chɔn) 3:16

16 Gɔd so lɛk mɔta lman dat i gi in wan gren Pikin we i lɛk; so dat ɛnibɔdi we biliv pan am nɔ go day, bɔt i go gɛt layf we go de sote go.


A Sierra Leonean Model for Development

Sierra Leone: a name that resonates in people’s minds with the painful images of the movie Blood Diamond. Let’s move away from these clichés and open our minds to the real Sierra Leone. 1,139 more words

FFA Stories

Weekend of River #2

We spent our first afternoon swimming and enjoying the sunshine. Victor took good care of us and we got 3 delicious lobsters with couscous for dinner. 538 more words

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