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Days and Nights of Freetown - A visit to Kent

We passed on south through a couple more villages.  Many of the settlements on the peninsula had curiously colonial hark back names.  They would have been predominantly Krio cultures, the people descendants of the freed slaves.  334 more words

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Days and Nights of Freetown - New Road

Jan had no fear and also a much stronger 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser.  He had been running around the back streets of Freetown looking out for historical artefacts.  339 more words

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Seydu: Sadaka

Sing It Forward

Listening Post 103. With his smooth and generous voice, Seydu is poignant in singing about the impact of war, incisive in warning of corruption, reverent about the beauty of African women and upbeat regarding the power of a smile. 268 more words

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So The Path Does Not Die by Pede Hollist

Date Read: June 30th 2016

Published: 2014 (originally published by Langaa Press, 2012)

Publisher: Jacaranda Books

Pages: 352

The Blurb

Long after Fina has left Sierra Leone for America, memories of a broken initiation still haunt her. 941 more words

African Literature


Pronunciation: Ba

Meaning: Bar/Pub (Sierra Leone), Money (Nigeria)


Naija Pidgin


Pronunciation: NGR – {ah-beg} KRIO – {ah-bayg}

Meaning: Please, Sorry


  • Abeg no vex (Please don’t be angry)
  • Abeg na! (Sorry now!)
  • Abeg I wan go (Please I am going…
  • 9 more words
Naija Pidgin

Listen to Krio, Sierra Leone's English creole

I wish I’d learned more Krio before I left for Sierra Leone. Although most people in Freetown are able to English — some haltingly, many very well — Krio is the language people use in all but the most formal situations. 511 more words

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