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Just What am I Afraid of?

I did a short meditation last night. If I’m going to “invite my fears to tea” (as Kris Carr says), then I need to know what those fears are. 310 more words

Living Vicariously

Three months ago, a local baker, Tara Jensen, had the good fortune of having her small, practically one-woman shop, Smoke Signals featured in Bon Appetit… 780 more words

Fear. Ego.

Something is happening.

It’s hard to put into words. So much of this journey is truly about feeling.

Well, lately I’ve been feeling some rather unpleasant things in my physical body. 565 more words

Acupuncture, Kris Carr, Nature, Stuff

I’ve got too much going on in my head, so this quick post hopefully will empty it a pinch.

Nature. Spring has exploded here. Everything’s green. 412 more words


I’m gathering my thoughts on gym and how to tell my experience (it’s good) but work is crazy busy and I just can’t make a decent, semi-decent post about it as my brain is just buzzing… 19 more words


Time, Fear, Hope...

Time.  Fear.  Hope.  These simple thoughts/concepts dominate so much of our cancer experience.  I would doubt that there is a single person facing a cancer diagnosis, who hasn’t contemplated all of these things, in one way or another.  375 more words