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Block - the book review

I picked up Life Over Cancer by Dr. Keith Block from a recommendation by Kris Carr. 283 more words


Basil Pineapple Lime Juice

I stumbled upon this recipe and immediately knew what to do: add a tropical twist.

So I replace the apples by a big slice of pineapple. 33 more words


11 tips for new cancer patients

You’ve just been diagnosed with cancer.  What now?  When I was first diagnosed, I found this article to be very helpful. 91 more words


Happy May 4th!

No. It’s not a holiday. At least here in Canada it isn’t. I suppose it could be somewhere in the world. I just thought I’d wish everyone a happy day in general. 229 more words

Beginner's Guide to Dry Brushing

As someone who both has to work hard for good skin and likes to keep things natural, I’ve done a lot of research on easy, affordable, and non-toxic ways to keep skin healthy and glowing.  367 more words

Health + Wellness

The quote that rocked me to my core

Stress is not a badge of courage. – Kris Carr

Let’s take that in for a minute. Stress is NOT a badge of courage.  I mean…I hardly have words. 954 more words


Lemon Herbed Barley

Okay, so I love Kris Carr– she is fabulous. Not only inspiring, but also super cool for sharing recipes and being everyone’s cheerleader. What a difference maker. 317 more words