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V is for Vegan

So, I’m not going to shppeeeeal off my opinions on the farming industry, the effects that it has on the world and ourselves (you can see for yourself… 459 more words


Doggo Diaries - Part 1

This is the best I’ve felt on a night shift in a very long time. I didn’t even get much sleep the first half of my shift because I was so fricken cold I couldn’t feel my feet & my nose was an iceicle. 555 more words

Plant-based Whole Food Diet

Crazy Sexy Diet Book Review

Recently I was at Barnes and Nobel and decided to pick up Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It… 1,266 more words


Chemicals on your produce

 Good question!

If you don’t already eat organic, maybe it’s time to at least educate yourself about the Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen and go from there. 314 more words

PHDinMeBlog-What path will I choose?

Good Day Scholars,

This is not always easy, in fact I’m dealing with a negative thought that could produce small behavior right now! But Abba will always encourage His children (through various vehicles- like this quote) and guide them TO the path of righteousness. 72 more words


Curried Nada-Egg Salad Wraps

I almost entitled this post “Heat Wave Survival Food,” but I decided to call it by the name its creator, Kris Carr, gave it in her book,  249 more words


Block - the book review

I picked up Life Over Cancer by Dr. Keith Block from a recommendation by Kris Carr. 283 more words