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Prologue: How binge eating controls my life

Hi, I’m Nat, and I’m about to start off on a journey. The problem is, I need your help to start.

There are many different reasons I’m writing this blog. 1,524 more words

20in30 - Day 1

Today I started my 20in30 program that I have been working on. I’m trying to add 20 pounds to my bench press in 30 days because unfortunately my bench press is woefully sub par. 375 more words

Bench Programming

Here's the deal

Last month, right before my birthday, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. Not right then and there, of course (someone would have had to come and peel my body off the pavement before the one quarter mark), but in the relatively  near future. 520 more words


Easy and delicious protein pancake recipe

Sometimes consistently dieting with the same foods everyday, can get boring.So I keep on experimenting with creativity in order to make my meals delicious. A pancake is the best meal when served in breakfast. 257 more words


My Transformation Blog - Day 23 - Chest & Triceps

I was up at 4.30am again this morning and got to work for about 5.15 in order to get my 20 minute power walk in before I started work. 474 more words


My Transformation Blog - Day 22 - Shoulders & Abs

I had to start work at 6am this morning so in order to get my cardio in for the morning I got up at 4.30am! This gave me enough time to get ready, get to work then go for a 20 min power walk and then start work. 578 more words


My Transformation Blog - Day 21 - Active Rest

I woke up this morning and my left knee was really sore from the football game I played yesterday. It didn’t feel quite as bad as I thought it might do but going downstairs was really painful. 198 more words