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Don't Need Much

There are places in this great big world of ours that just scream for silence. I know…that is a contradiction of course. You don’t actually scream when you want silence unless you are reprimanding someone. 1,122 more words

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Movie Review - "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" (1973)

Part of the reason I enjoy the Western genre so much is because of how free it makes me feel. Like I’m the one who is out exploring wild uncharted territory. 529 more words


Album Review: Robert Mizzell - 'Travelling Shoes'

Produced by Wayne Thorose, Robert Mizzell’s latest offering was released late last year. As usual, there is a heavy reliance on cover material, although he largely avoided covering song that have been overdone already. 575 more words

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Hickok (2017) izle

Hickok (2017) izle
Efsanevi Bill Hickok tüm hayatını kanundan kaçmakla geçirmiştir ancak son uğradığı kasabada kanun dışı olmaktan çıkmış ve bu kasabanın kanun adamlarından biri olmuştur. 22 more words

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A Horse Called Music

Back on the subject of Music, and you’ll find me there often, I just have to share my thoughts on A Horse Called Music as the anniversary of my mother’s death sits gently on my mind. 1,065 more words