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Making his Mark in Music.

By Steven Casey (@leglesstweets)

Does anyone remember the Blade trilogy from back in the mid-90’s? Wesley Snipes played the Titular fanged hero, alongside Country & Western singer Kris Kristofferson. 329 more words

Good Enough for Me

“… Feeling good was easy ….”

“… Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose …..”

“… Good enough for me …”


Blackpaint 589 - Pablo, Vanessa, JP and John

Picasso Musee, Barcelona

Mainly early paintings and drawings.  His dad was a drawing professor, apparently.  Early stuff amazing for a youngster; the head in the drawing below the only error I could see, apart from dodgy legs on a bearded man on the end wall.   738 more words

Painting, Traditional, Modern And Abstract, Conceptual Art

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Okay so this thread has maybe been a little top-heavy on the Kristofferson recently.

So this morning, let’s have some George Jones.

Covering Kristofferson, obviously. 43 more words

Sunday Morning Coming Down

If your life is burning well

They say that on a list of fears, public speaking would rate highly for most people.

Here’s the thing: I love it.

Seeing audience seats fill is a beautiful sight. 702 more words

Blade 3: Trinity (2004) **REVIEW**

We all remember “Blade”, the half vampire – half human man who hunts and kills vampires. “Blade” was the absolute best films back in the day during Wesley Snipes glory days before he got arrested. 226 more words