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Lullaby of the Flesh

Lullaby of the Flesh
By Gene Brode, Jr.
copyright 2015

Away in a field of lilies I float
On my back through the air
Petals brushing my hair… 1,107 more words


Seven Cold Splashes on First-Love Fire

Kris Lundgaard has done the church a great service by bringing the wisdom of John Owen into the 21st century.  Those who can read Owen, should. 1,144 more words

Christian Living

Catholic Retreat!

I have a confession to make. I went on a retreat to a Catholic Prayer Centre last Thursday. There, I’ve said it. It’s now out in the open and I’m no longer terrified by the thought of my evangelical peers finding out! 1,052 more words

Christian Life

Are You Cross-Eyed?

“Your mind can only protect against the deceit of the flesh if you are cross-eyed.  That is, you can only keep the rottenness of sin and the kindness of God in mind if you fix your eyes on the cross.  96 more words


Spiritual Warfare - Recommended Resources

Through the course of my study of spiritual warfare, several resources came to the top as helpful.  These were the ones that faithfully interpreted the Scriptures well and applied with them pastoral care to the life of the Church.  426 more words


"The life of the disciple is not for the timid" by Kris Lundgaard

“The life of the disciple is not for the timid. Most would rather give in to sin than go through the painful work of picking up a cross and nailing their flesh to it.” 10 more words

Quotable Quotes

"Where sin can't breathe" by Kris Lundgaard

“We worship a tender Father as well as a ‘consuming fire’ (Hebrews 12:28-29). Sin can’t breath in an atmosphere of fear and reverence before God. It suffocates. 28 more words

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