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Some small, often barely noticeable expansion

The view that the analyst has some insight waiting to be ‘given’ to the patient appears to me to be illusion. It is easy enough to see far ahead in analysis. 42 more words


Winter One-derland

You can have the best laid plans in the world – but sometimes life gets in the way. Am-I-right?

We had scheduled a first birthday party, the morning of two other events. 875 more words


why i love kim kardashian west (& why you should respect her!)

The queen is back on social media, and I couldn’t be more excited. Before you judge me for being a “stupid millennial” that looks up to people for the wrong reasons, hear me out. 375 more words


[Fanfiction] Tangled (part 3) | FanHan/KrisHan/KrisLu


Tangled © 2017

A KrisLuhan Fanfiction by Ranifa Billy


Lu Han

Kris Wu Yifan

Other Cast

Jessica Jung

Jake Miller (OC)


FanHan / KrisHan / KrisLu… 2,154 more words


Kris Wu in Chris Chen Weibo Update; "Notice!"


Notice, will be release tomorrow , burnt

Source Chris Chen Weibo

Trans and Posted by Tara Lee

Wu Yifan

Kris Wu Global Fansite Weibo Update; "Coming Soon JUICE"

每个你期待的#吴亦凡# @Mr_凡先生  新 歌《Juice》,即将在iTunes,Spotify等多个平台音源上线,敬请期待~后续有相关内容,会会也会随时发布,请每个你注意关注哦~

Meigeni please look forward for Kris Wu’s upcoming single Juice. the single will be out soon on iTunes and Spotify as well as other platforms. 7 more words

Kris Wu