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Guest Post; Krista a year of change..

No more lacrosse, new friends, losing friends, new school, new job, interviews, applications, loss of jobs, car accident, another car accident, funeral, another funeral, one more funeral, new major, new opportunities, new sorority, chief financial officer, one marathon, two marathons, new life, 2017. 1,636 more words

"Living in the Present"

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.
Confucius (Chinese Philosopher 551 BC – 479 BC) 682 more words

Christa Dowling

You Chose

Krista! God is about to do some things around you that will at an accelerated pace catapult you into your chosen place.

I know that you joke a lot about being chose,(and husband-wise, that will happen in God’s timing) 185 more words


The Krista Bifold RFID Wallet

I just got a new wallet that I fell in love with. It’s taken me some time to replace the one I had before because it cost so much (yes, we all hang on to things that may not be exactly what we were looking for but we want to get every penny’s worth out of the product!) and it had a lot of pockets for everything I like to have in a wallet.  430 more words


Dance Studios & Cosplay

Last week had been busy, with a gathering at our Hanji’s house for a Cards Against Humanity while making our costumes and a proper dance rehearsal in a studio at Visual Ink. 390 more words


The first of many...

Hello people,

Maybe this is just for the benefit of me and my eventual posterity, but I think that it is high time to officially begin on this journey of blogging, and expressing myself within the walls of what I hope to be many blog posts. 678 more words

About Me

Day 51 // 2/20/18// Clinton

I took advantage of the great weather today by going over to Clinton and walking through the downtown with Christian.  A whole bunch of like-minded people had the same idea as us as it was pretty busy around town.  146 more words