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'The Whispers' Gave Me More Than I Expected

When The Whispers first began I was really just excited to see Barry Sloan because I had missed him so much on Revenge. I was also looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia, especially after his role on… 446 more words

'The Whispers' Review: A Hollow Man Holds the Key

I didn’t know how the writers could top the end of the last episode, but they did. We got a lot more background information about Drill this week and we got so close to finding out how to actually kill him, but Lena being a mother, had to shoot the guy to protect her daughter. 327 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

Die Natur schlägt zurück! TV Review von ZOO (2015)

Die Natur schlägt zurück! TV Review von ZOO (2015)

Die Geschichte der Menschheit geht viele Jahrtausende zurück. Doch zu keinem Zeitpunkt in dieser langen Geschichte hat der Mensch dem Planeten so viel Schaden zugefügt, wie in den letzten 100 Jahren. 7 more words


'The Whispers' Review: Whatever it Takes to Defeat the Enemy

Sean and Claire are on the run now and they didn’t even kill Drill. Hopefully they at least stopped Drill from contacting home.

The Whispers… 397 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

A Good Marriage

Starring: Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, Stephen Lang, Kristen Connolly, Mike O’Malley
Directed By: Peter Askin

One of those odd films that probably sets women back a few years as being the leading protagonist, yet actually ends up serving a satisfying ending. 375 more words

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Zoo Cast: 'We Expect and Hope That You Will' Root for the Animals

If you find yourself watching CBS’ Zoo and hoping the lions make a meal of anyone in their path, congratulations: You’ve tapped into the new thriller’s central theme. 149 more words


'The Whispers' Review: Is Drill Winning?

So if we are assuming that Drill is an alien, this is different than any kind of alien we’ve ever seen before. He’s some sort of energy and he gets inside the kids’ heads to speak to them. 473 more words

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