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'The Whispers' Review: What Lies Beneath Brings More Questions

What is Drill? That is the big question. As Claire said, they’re not dealing with a who, they’re dealing with a what.

What kind of thing can contain a nuclear meltdown and give a child back his hearing. 437 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

The Cabin In The Woods

When five students go to a cabin in the woods for a little getaway, one by one they’re picked off by zombie’s. However, there are 2 scientists who have planned it all and play this terrifying game each year. 172 more words


Flash Movie Review: The Bay

There was a time when I would think nothing of wrapping my hand around a door handle to open a door or borrow someone’s pen to fill out a form. 452 more words


The Cabin in the Woods

We all hope that when we, and all of our closest friends, go on a fun vacation that we aren’t going to end up as anyone between the ages of sixteen and twenty five find themselves in the movies. 585 more words


'The Whispers' Review: Faux Meltdown

This was the most exciting episode of The Whispers yet. With one boy already killed with Drill’s games, I was getting very worried that Henry was going to be next. 605 more words

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'The Whispers' Review: On a Collision Course

We might have more of an idea of what Drill’s plan is, or at least part of his plan.

It seemed that Drill was picking very well placed children with parents in particular positions, but that only seems part of it. 492 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

'The Whispers' Review: Seeking Drill

It’s still unclear exactly what Drill is, but he’s certainly getting scarier as we get to know him. I mean he has the ability to bring back Harper’s mom, if he chooses too. 394 more words