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'The Whispers' Review: Where Are Our Children?

ABC better renew The Whispers for a second season because this can’t be the end! I mean technically it could be, it’s a very disturbing ending, but I’ve been enjoying the show so much that I want more. 523 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

The Whispers: Season 1

The children of Washington D.C all have an imaginary friend called Drill who makes them play dangerous games and if they agree to take part he will reward them. 427 more words


'The Whispers' Review: They're Coming

This was one crazy episode. Half the time I was crying and the other half I was yelling at the screen. I was not sure how it was going to end. 628 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

'The Whispers' Review: Is Drill Really in Minx?

I had a really bad feeling that Drill would end up in either Minx or Henry, but I don’t believe Drill is in Minx. If Silas was so afraid to tell Claire in the room who Drill was, why tell her when Drill is right there. 453 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

'The Whispers' Review: When Your Darkest Fears Come to Life

Drill is getting desperate, but he’s still one step ahead of them.

I’m sorry, but Lena is so stupid. She had a great plan of getting away from power lines and then she chickened out. 626 more words

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'The Whispers' Review: Save Our Children

Can any parent make that sacrifice? One child for the lives of all. What if it’s your child? Even if you are the President, I don’t think that’s any sacrifice you can make. 586 more words

Milo Ventimiglia

'The Whispers' Gave Me More Than I Expected

When The Whispers first began I was really just excited to see Barry Sloan because I had missed him so much on Revenge. I was also looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia, especially after his role on… 446 more words