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*Blog Share* Author Kristen Lamb #29

Amanda was so excited to share this blog, she posted it twice, are you interested in fiction writing? If so this is the blog for you just read the about page. http://authorkristenlamb.com/about/


I Had to Give Up Writing to Market in Order to Find My Passion Again

It’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any ideas. I had a lot of them. But as soon as I sat down and wrote a paragraph or two, my mind came to a screeching halt. 1,651 more words

The Writer & Author

Diagnosing a REAL Writer: Do You Have Terminological Inexactitude Syndrome? - Written By Kristen Lamb

Another excellently educating and humorous blog post by Kristen Lamb. You’re the best Kristen!

Being a writer is the best job in the world, aside from those fortunate enough to be paid to pet kittens or sample new ice cream flavors. 163 more words

Terminological Inexactitude Syndrome or Real Writer Syndrome

Hello everyone,

I am adding a link to take you to Kristen Lamb’s blog so you can read and enjoy her wonderful post which talks about this little known syndrome.  23 more words


Dreams or Delusions? The Real Odds of Author Success - written by Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb informs us about the Real Odds of Author Success. In many ways this blog post made me think – and overthink. But no matter how much thinking, I’m still going to write. 246 more words

My Favorite Writing Blogs

While I usually blog about something writerly (or bookish, or something sci-fi/fantasy related or geeky), most of the blogs that I read are actual for real how-to-write-better blogs. 418 more words

Writings About Writing

Homo Fabulum

I’m a cognitive psychologist. I study and teach about the mental processes that allow our minds to receive, process, retain, and use information. One of the things we’ve learned is that, in an important sense, our mind is all about stories. 878 more words