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How Strong is Your Dialogue? How to Fix Common Dialogue Problems

For my regular peeps, you probably know about my favorite hostage guest contributor, blogger Alex Limberg. Today, he shines his spotlight at some basic dialogue problems we all know in one form or another. 1,680 more words

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Writing Career Stuck? Sales Mired? How to Get Your MOJO Back!

Last time we all commiserated about feeling stuck. Lately, it’s been really bizarre. I’ve been at this writing thing since long before self-pub, but recently the feeling of author despondency seems to be heavy…everywhere. 2,612 more words

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Troublemakers & Narrators

Getting these two characters right is a must. Read on to see who we’re talking about today. 915 more words

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Author Despair---What To Do When You Feel Like All Is Lost

We have all heard the saying, The truth shall set you free. But what many people may not realize is the truth doesn’t set us free from others. 1,623 more words

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How to Make Boring Story Parts Exciting

Image by DonkeyHotey/Flickr CC

This is another guest post by blogger and copywriter Alex Limberg. If you have followed my blog in the last couple of months, you have probably come across him, namely because the Stockholm’s Syndrome sets in faster when you drug the candy :D . 1,789 more words

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Where Do Writers Turn For Advice

We’ve all been there. No matter how long we’ve been writing and no matter how many books we’ve written, from time to time, we get stuck. 881 more words

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Sending in the Flying Monkeys—Get Your @$$ to Work!   

So many people say the same thing. “If I could only find the time…” Thing is, time isn’t lying around in the couch cushions hanging out with loose change, the TV remotes and stale Cherrios. 21 more words