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REVIEW: "THE PARTY" (2018) Roadside Attractions

This opening scene and the closing scene of Director Sally Potter’s new black & white shot film “The Party” are exactly the same. What lies between those two shots is a thankfull scant 71 minutes of a rather abysmal ‘dark comedy’ that didn’t really bring me any laughs, though in all fairness – I did hear a scant few on the other side of the screening. 527 more words

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The Party - Marketing Recap

Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) wants to celebrate some encouraging professional news by throwing a party for family and friends in the new film from writer/director Sally Potter The Party. 533 more words

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Movie review: "Darkest Hour"

OK so “Darkest Hour”.

How cooked would you like your history? Depending upon your answer, there is a wide range of WWII movies to suit: on one end lies the rawest documentary, such as “Shoah”. 628 more words

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Triple Feature part 2: Darkest Hour

Winston Spencer Churchill (that’s how you say it — all together) is one of my favorite people ever. He was the right person at the right time. 459 more words


Gary Oldman's finest hour?

The acclaimed Darkest Hour, a portrait of Winston Churchill, offering a fictionalised account of his early days as the British Prime Minister, and focusing on him trying to convince his peers and the British people not to surrender to Hitler’s Nazis, is nominated for six Oscars.
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Darkest Hour

Many actors have played Winston Churchill. He was, after all, an instantly recognisable figure in life and an iconic and historically significant figure in death, with every child learning how the British Prime Minister led and inspired Britain during the country’s own darkest hours during the Second World War. 1,513 more words


Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is set out as Gary Oldman’s greatest performance. The way it has been advertised and critiqued suggests that the film contains genuinely nothing else. 329 more words