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Interview: Olivier Assayas Talks "Personal Shopper" and Kristen Stewart

The connection twins have with each other can cause envy in other people. The truth is, if something happens with one of them, or even dies, the one that survived will do anything possible to not lose that intimate connection. 1,455 more words

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Personal Shopper

The triumph of Kristen Stewart’s highly-touted performance in Olivier Assayas’s Personal Shopper is both a result of great casting and Stewart’s pressure situation for having the film’s entire plot be dependent on her character’s emotional reactions to situations. 261 more words

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Kristen Stewart: Back from the Twilight

I HAVE a dark confession to make.

Although I proclaim to be a cinephile, I have never seen a movie from the immensely popular Twilight series. 957 more words


Personal Shopper is a ghost story haunted by moving on

In a more just world, Kristen Stewart would have started acting in Europe. If Kristen Stewart was the hottest French import in Hollywood, there would have never been questioning of her talent. 867 more words

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Personal Shopper review; A coming-of-age ghost enigma

Personal Shopper is not a very accessible experience. But in its place is an originality whose effect still seeps into my interpretation, and it lingers long after the viewing experience. 808 more words


Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt, USA, 2017)

I want to write on this great film in the greater length it deserves. But for now, in the absence of time and to encourage as many people as possible to see it: Kelly Reichardt is the great poet of contemporary American cinema. 174 more words

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Directed by Oliver Assayas

France, 2016

HOME, 23 March 2017

Kristen Stewart is the star of this film, so naturally she appears on screen most of the time. 136 more words

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