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Will Derek Hough be part of "Bye Bye Birdie" with Jennifer Lopez?

Yesterday, Kristyn Burtt attended The Art & Artistry of Hairspray Live! where she talked with cast and crew of the show who were also there. 91 more words

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#TBT Interview of Derek Hough at the "Whose Dance is it Anyway?" event

We posted this interview back at the end of February but Dance Network posted it again now on their YouTube channel. It’s a good opportunity to watch it again or if anyone of you missed it, to watch it now :) 41 more words

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Creators of "World of Dance" talk about the show and Derek Hough

In the recent stop of “World of Dance Tour” in Los Angeles, Kristyn Burtt had the opportunity to talk with the creators of the show, David Gonzalez and Matthew Everitt, and get some inside scoop on how the show evolved and in few days we’ll be able to watch it on our TV. 112 more words

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Kristyn Burtt writes about "World of Dance"'s panel from NBC Press Day

I always like reading Kristyn’s articles and this one is no exception! Yesterday, Kristyn was at the NBC Press Day and theĀ “World of Dance”‘s panel (thanks for the live coverage :) ) and today she writes up about it on… 81 more words

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Derek Hough talks to Kristyn Burtt on "Whose Dance is it Anyway?"

Yes!!! Finally Derek’s interview with Kristyn from “Whose Dance is it Anyway” is out!!! We’ve been waiting for this for a LONG time! :D

Derek talks about World of Dance, how it is to be a judge, Singin’ in the Rain and more… 26 more words

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Kristyn Burtt talks about "Whose Dance is it Anyway", Derek Hough and more

Kristyn went on Facebook to make a live stream and talk about last night’s event “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” She also talks about the performances and answers questions from fans. 70 more words

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Garrett Clayton talks Hairspray Live! and Derek Hough at NBC Universal's Golden Globes Afterparty - January 8, 2017

A great interview of Garrett from Kristyn for the Red Carpet at the NBC Universal’s afterparty the night of Golden Globes!

Garrett talks about the experience of Hairspray Live! 70 more words

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